Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!!

Looking back at the year 2009, it has been a year for me which gave me more smiles than tears. Bidding goodbye to the year, I just take some time to revisit some of the important events in my life this year.
The year started with a bad note for the Indian Corporate Sector when Satyam's director Mr. Ramalinga Raju confessed window dressing the company's accounts and thus came as a huge shock to the most of the investors and the stock price crashed to the unexpected lows. With no monetary interest in the company, it came as another event which CA students, in particular, needed to study as it was expected to feature in our exams as a case study.
The first big news for me in the year was my CA Inter result which was announced on Jan. 29. Although I was expecting a good score, an All India rank in the exams was a great moment of joy and delight for me. The journey so far had been quite challeneging while coping up with B.Com and CA simultaneously, but it also magnified the happiness quotient it provided me with. Moving into the Final stage of my course, I acknowledge that the expectations are also higher upon me now and I just wish that God Bless me to fulfill all those expectations.
I had been trying to have some space of mine on the net which I could say as my own and finally, it came up as my own blog, 'Direct Dil Se', the place where you are landed presently. It has been quite a good blogging time for me and I hope I can continue it for more time.
Although this time, it took me more time than ever to update my blog, but the main culprit for that is irregular power supply in the city which also left me morer occupied in the office.
By the end of the month, it was also the time to say goodbye to our college, it was a place where we spent the last three glorious years of my life. I may always remember it as my Masti Ki Paathshala. A masti ki pathshala which made me come across some of my great friends, some nice people and some not so nice people, keeping my college life a happy one with a pinch of masala in it. :D
While we moved into the month of May, my parents touched an important milestone into their married life, they completed 25 golden years of their married life and celebrated their Silver anniversary. Small surprise by we two brothers in the night and kirtan in the evening summed up our celebrations of this moment of happiness for us. :)
As the year passed by and moved into the month of July, our B.Com results got announced and I cleared it with a reasonable score, a 70+ was what I wished to get and well, the results fulfilled my wish. It officially posted a The End note to my college life and finally, I could call myself a Graduate and add a degree after my name.
On the last note, I also hope for a more happier and joyful 2010 for myself and for all of you. The year also brings me across my finals in my CA course and I hope these go good. Your blessings and wishes are highly welcomed for the coming year.
Goodbye 2009 and bye all. Meet you in the New Year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will We Be Safe in Our Country Again?

A year past the tragic incident, the question above still gets me into some thought. I had been seeing people protesting in groups after the attacks, lots of talks about the security problems in the country, not leaving out the deteriorating Indo-Pak relations. However, what still remains a prime question for most of us - Are we Safe in our Country Now or more primarily, Will We be Safe in our Country Again?


I have attempted to pen down a few lines about my thoughts on the issue, my first ever attempt in English, which I deem it as my tribute to the victims of Mumbai Attacks.


Cutting blue waters the terrorists came,
Some plans they had to play the terror game.
Launching an attack on Taj and Oberoi,

Killing everyone seemed their sole aim.
Rounds of bullets and smoke everywhere,
The attacking evil gave no signs to spare.
To all of those trapped inside,
The silence of death seemed so near.
It was our commandos' attempt so brave,
They just showed the evil its grave.
Success in salvaging the country's pride,
And all the lives did they save.
A year since Mother India started to bleed,
We seem to have done nothing but just weep.
The wave of terror stands still straight,

Country's people haven't yet got out of sleep.
Is it our loss or terror's gain?
Will we be safe in our country again?
Wake up for the sake of your land,
Let this question not bother us again.
Will there be a safer India anytime,
Will we be safe in our country again?


Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tribute to Mumbai Attacks!!

While I was trying to have some rest this weekend after a hectic week, I saw the news of Bomb Blasts. The terror quotient has been high in India since a long time and I fail to recognise the reason why a country with more than a billion heads is failing to cope up with terror. These days specifically, the news channels had been giving news of life after 26/11. It was a day which shook the whole nation. Its already been a year since the incident but the terror trails don't seem to have not been tracked yet. For many of us, the life has been going on just like always but for those who lost someone dear in these attacks, the life might never be the same.

I just tried writing a few lines on the issue and would like you to share these with you. Following lines are my tribute to the Mumbai Attacks anniversary in a sincere hope that such attacks don't happen again.

Huyi thi kahin goliyon ki baarish,
Aur uthne laga tha udher kuch dhuan.
Kuch gharon mein chhaya sannaatta us din,
toh kayi gharo ke bujhe chirag wahaan.
Salaam un veeron ko jo de gaye jaan apni,
Par hamari suraksha se samjhauta na kia.
Khud jheli goliyan seene pe apne,
par fanse huyon ko azad unhone kia.
Pani ke raste maut leke aye the jo,
Umaut ko unhi ke naam unhone kia.
Hamla kia jo Taj aur Oberoi par achanak,
toh unhone iitt ka jawab pathar se dia.
Ek saal guzar chuka hai us din ko,
par sach mein kya kuch badla hai yahan?
Badla hai mahaul ya badli hai fiza,
badla hai toh bas grah mantri yahan.
Jaago tum aur chuppi apni todo,
Kahin aadat na tumhari ban jaye sona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal k liye,
Jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.
Aao jad se khatm kre is aatank ko,
nai toh humein bhi pad skta hai rona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal ke liye,
jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.

Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Children's Day Special!!

Hi All!!
First of all, Happy Children's Day to All. We may not be termed as children in the outer world but there always stays a child inside our little heart. Never let that child die inside you.
I have tried to pen down a few lines on something I felt on today's Children's Day. I hope you would like the lines. Do comment about your views on the same. :) 

Bachchon ke pyaare Chacha Nehru,
Lal gulab shervani sang rkhte the..
Unka janamdin bana hai Bal Divas,
Kitna bachon ko woh pyar karte the..
Hanste huye aansu aur roti si hansi,
Is din ki aad mein dhunde hum woh pal..
Jaane kahan rootha baitha hai woh,
Bachpan k dino ka bichhda huya kal..
In yaado se baahar jab main aayu,
Kuch kadve sach peecha na chhode mera..
Kyun hai ling mein bhed yahaan par,
Kyun hota nahi hai idher savera..
Kyun ladke ki chaah hoti hai sabko,
Kyun ab tak hai yahaan ghana andhera..
Ladki ko ghar ki lakshmi hain sab kehte,
Fir usse duniya mein aane ka kyu haq nahi..
Aye nasamjho tum krte ho bhed kyun inmein,
Jab bhagwan ne tai kiya koi farq nahi..
Kadam kadam chla ja rha tha main,
Kuch uljha hua inhin sochon mein..
Chupke se paas aayi mere ik ladki,
Shayad zakhmi inhi kharonchon mein..
Usne pucha tha mujhse kuch aisa,
Jiska nahi koi jawab mere paas..
Rakhta hun usse main aapki kachhehri,
Kya aapko bhi hai is baat ka ehsaas??
Dil mera b kare man behlane ko,
Par koi mera paas hai aaj nahi..
Mujhe bhi de do kuch khilone,
Kya mera bal divas aaj nahi??
Samjhe jo humko sabke barabar,
Aisa aaj ka yeh samaj nahi..
Mujhe bhi de do kuch khilone,
Kya mera bal divas aaj nahi??
Kya aapke paas iska koi jawaab hai??

Monday, November 09, 2009

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chhodenge!!

Hi All!!
Its been quite a sunny week for me and the life enjoying each bit of it. The week passed by quite exciting for me, with simply no special reasons for it. This week again, I happened to see a couple of Hindi movies. First one was London Dreams, a movie which has great dreams in it. I quite liked the movie and personally, I loved the concept. Music was not the thing that inspired me to see the movie as I thought it to be quite loud comparable to what I like to listen but well, it surely goes with the story in the movie. And well, then it was from London Dreams to Jail for me. :P A commendable job done by the ever-good Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, though I didn't see Konkana this time in Madhur Bhandarkar's movie. I believe that the movie would surely touch your inner soul, just like it touched mine. It has no regular bollywood masala but you don't expect the same from Madhur Bhandarkar either. The movie also convinces me that Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mugdha Godse have a bright future ahead in acting. :D
The title of the post might remind you of the Sholay movie but I hope next time you hear these lines, you remember a few lines written by me. :D Enjoying my Sunday, I was watching Dostana on my TV set yesterday and then, I started penning a couple of lines regarding my views on Friendship (Dosti). I just thought to share those with all of you. Here these are :
Na ho dosti agar is dunia mein,
toh yeh dunia hamein jhoothi si lage,

Na ho dosti ka hansi mazak jo kahin,

toh zindagi kuch roothi si lage..

Ik dosti ke bal pe hum dunia sakte hain jeet,

zindagani mein is dosti k sang dil k gayein geet..

Rkhna na gila koi sath doston ke kabhi,

yeh sab toh hote hain man ke meet..

Dosti se nek rishta nai hum koi jante,

is rishte ki dor hum dil se hai bandhte..

Dosti ka rishta hi sbse pyara hota hai,

is rishte ke sang na koi bhi rota hai..

Hmari b Dosti ka rang kbhi fika padega nahi,

aise dil ko tumhare hum rang jayenge..

Likhvana chaho toh chahe likhva lo kahin,

Yeh vada k dosti hum ant tak nibhayenge.. 

Dosti hmari kb tk rhegi kayam,

is sawal mein kuch dam nahi..

Parkhna chaho toh kbhi b parkh lena hmein,

Manjdar mein jo chhod de aise dost hum nahi..

Do drop in your comments here. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's Birthday Time!!

Hi All!!
While enjoying a nice fireworks show at Golden Temple on TV screen, I take an opportunity to wish you on the Prakash Gurpurab (Auspicious Day of the Birth of the Guru) of our first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I have been enjoying this day resting at home as I have been fighting with the cold-causing virus/bacteria these days.

And yeah, it was birthday time for me on 29th :-) I hadn't planned anything special for the day except celebrating it with my family, being packed tightly into my daily schedule but my brother surely had his own plans for the day. However, he was successful in not giving us any clue of his visit to home from Bengaluru and well, that ended up in a big surprise to me and our whole family. :P Thanku brother. B-)

Besides that big surprise that came in the later half of the day, my day was made special through wishes of many of my friends, some expected ones and some not so expected. Here, I must confess, some of the calls were totally unexpected. :) Through my blog, I thank you all for making my day a lot more special. Here's a nice deal for all on the auspicious day of Gurpurab, those of you who missed wishing me on my b'day, you still have an extended chance to wish me. Offer open for limited period only.

Happy Gurpurab to All once again.
Sat Sri Akal.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Filmi Very Filmi!!

Hi Friends!!
Still coping up with the busy and tiring schedule I am going through these days, I was sitting idle currently wiating for the office to be closed as I am done with my job, so I just thought to update my blog. Well, this post might be dedicated towards the Bollywood arena as in the past week, I happened to see four of the latest releases of Hindi Movies, and well, I would say atleast one of those surely disappointed me.
'Wake Up Sid' was the first one in the series, quite a nice movie but I am not sure though whether would  like to watch it again or not :P. Ranbir & Konkana have done a good job in the movie. One of my friends liked the Ranbir's tees in the movie but well, I loved the Konkana's cake and I may use the same idea on my b'day. :)
Second one in the show was 'Main aurrr Mrs. Khanna', a movie which I had been waiting for it to release as I liked its music quite a bit and I was curious about the movie seeing its promos. It again was a nice movie with a sweet end but this time, I think I am sure I would not like to see it again as it hasn't got anything in the movie for making anybody a repeat audience, though that's strictly my opinion. I would just like to say, Kareena and Salman could have done better.
Next in the queue was 'Blue.' This movie was much talked about due to Kylie Minogue in it and a heavy budget, not ignoring the underwater stunts as they said. Talking of the music, with due regards to AR Rahman and all his fans, I believe he could have done better this time. The movie hasn't got anything much to be seen in the first half and the only better (would not say the BEST) thing in the movie was its end. No no, not that THE END banner but the ending of the story. :P
Now talking of the last one of the four, I saw 'All the Best.' Well, this movie got some comedy with my friends too as when they asked which movie I had seen and I said 'All the Best,' all of them were asking me why I was wishing them All the Best instead of answering their question. :P Coming back to the movie, the All the Best wishes worked for the movie and the flick by Golmaal director Rohit Shetty (I hope I am correct with this) has done quite nice job. Before I saw the movie, a couple of my friends too had recommended the same, and hence, some expectations were already there for the movie.
Overall, a nice filmi week for me and the ending of it was good too as I happened to see 'Fashion' on Sunday. This time, it was quite a long time, almost two months, the last time I could see that movie in full. 
Well, besides that filmi week, it was Diwali time too between that time. Though I don't like bursting crackers, to celebrate Green Diwali, this time it was slightly different. We had our Tax class on Diwali morning and after the class, we and our teacher, Rohit Sir burst crackers as Diwali shagun and it was quite a fun enjoying there and bursting crackers in the morning time. At the night, the beauty of Golden Temple lit under the beautiful lights and the huge gathering of people there who had come to witness the same was worth a watch. I had great wish to go there too but could not go though.
Bye all for now. Its time to close the office.
Take Care. God Bless All. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why do Sikhs celebrate Diwali??

Why do Sikhs celebrate Diwali?
Sikhs call Diwali as Bandi Chhor Divas. Mughal emperor Jahangir arrested the sixth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargobind Sahib, mistakenly. He was kept in Gwalior Fort.Later on realising his mistake, Jahangir repented and agreed to release Guru Sahib. The kind Guruji refused to leave the fort and demanded release of other 52 Hindu kings arrested by Jahangir, who were later released with Guruji. Guru Hargobind ji is known as Bandi Chhor because He helped the release of imprisoned ones (Bandis). After His release, Guruji returned to Amritsar
where grand celebrations were held. Harmandir Sahib was illuminated and fireworks were displayed. The day coincided with Hindu festival Diwali.

Some of the glimpses of Diwali Celebrations at the Golden Temple :

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Positive!! That's What My Blood Says to Me!!

Oh, what a tiring week it had been. However, being an exception, the busyness could not be attributed towards my office schedule. Actually, my grandmother got operated last week as she fell outside Golden Temple. After 3-4 days, she got leave from hospital and now she is at our place and I have been helping out my mom to take care of her. So, while earlier office used to keep me busy, now after the busy days at the office are gone, I got busy at home. 


And well, due to the blood requirement for the operation, I also donated blood at the blood bank last sunday. The blood was just flowing out from my body and I was still sitting idle. ;-) The doctors got me around half a kg lighter as they took approximately an equivalent amount of blood out of my body. Speaking in actual terms, 350 ml of blood was sucked from my blood vein. Got this figure from the doctor who was attending me. :)


I also just confirmed my blood group from them and well, while they tested it, I got my reason for the positive and optimistic vibrations I am often known to pass on to my friends. That's because even my blood says 'Be Positive' (B +ve). Well, that's my blood group. :D Sounds quite filmy na?


It was Prakash Gurpurab (Birth Day) of our 4th Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji - on 9th Oct. It was a big celebration at the Golden Temple and a day before, large procession of sangat in the form of Nagar Kirtan was made. The whole Golden Temple was glowing with lights and there was a spectacular fire cracker show (Aatishbaazi) too. For those who missed the celebrations, you can enjoy similar celebrations on Diwali day which comes on 17.10.2009. Diwali is also celebrated in Amritsar with great enthusiasm.


On Sunday, the gurpurab was also celebrated in our area and it was a nice and soul soothing program. I enjoyed katha and kirtan there. :) I expect the photographs of the procession that took place in our area too on Sunday to reach me sooner and would try uploading the same to share with.


For now, its time to close the office and this post.

So, bye all. Sayonara.

God Bless.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hectic September Ends!!

Hi Friends!!
   First of all, I wish to express my heartiest thanks to all who liked my presentation on Shaheed Bhagat Singh and another thanks to all who cared to shared their comments on the presentation through the mail.

Well, as you might have been noticing through my posts all this September, the month had been going pretty hectic for me. However, it gave me immense delight and satisfaction to see that while majority of my friends were busy cracking nuts to finish off their work, we had already completed our job by the sunset of 29th and were quite relaxed on the last day of the month. :-) It had been a great learning time as we were ourselves better equipped with more professional knowledge. Though we had to sacrifice our Sundays and other holidays for the office work, but at the end, I surely feel the sacrifice was worth of it. 

And for all the hard work done in the September, we were given a couple of days off from the office. I had thought to relax and rest in these two days but that remained in my thoughts only as our relatives from Sirsa made a visit to our city and stayed at our place. It was quite a fun though with the kids and meeting them. 

However, I got some time to watch a couple of new releases - Wanted & Dil Bole Hadippa. Reviewing these movies, I would recommend 'Wanted' to all the fans of Salman and if ANY fan of Ayesha Takia is going to watch movie for her, you can lookout for any other movie of hers. :P You'll not get to see much Ayesha in the movie. Coming to Dil Bole Hadippa, it was a disappointing one from Yash Raj. Really found nothing to even comment upon in the movie. ;)

Within all these days, there was Gandhi Jayanti too and United Nations have declared it as 'International Day of Non-Violence.' I surely second this noble idea as the need of the hour is to discourage any kinds of violence and propogate non-violence in the world. Friends, its the time to do Gandhigiri.

Non-Violence does make some sense, :-) 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh!!

Hi Friends!!
Today is the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and on this occassion, I just thought to share a powerpoint presentation made by me about Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of the real heroes on Indian Struggle of Independence. You can download the presentation file from

I think it is high time to spread the word as the real heroes of the country are getting forgotten by the country's youth especially. Do forward the presentation to all your friends and relatives and make them aware of some glimpses of life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

Inquilab Zindabad.

P.S. Just didn't get a better ending to this post than through the slogan popularised by Shaheed Bhagat Singh. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Days Continue to be Busy!!

Hi Friends!!
Just like my last post, I expect this post of mine too dedicated towards my office experiences as the office work is not leaving me enough time for getting involved in something else. I had thought of watching some new movie this Sunday but all my plans came to an end when I was told by my principal that we would have to work on Sunday as well. And while I was at home from office, I just thought to make the best of the rest of the day and give some relaxation to my body, something my body had been really dying to have in the last couple of weeks. :)
The last few days of the month have been really busy for me, especially because of the due date for filing of returns for the assessees requiring audit is approaching and the assessees are just getting off from their sleep in fear of getting hefty penalty under the Income Tax Act. 

The clients have really been late this time, but I suppose it would have been easier this time had there been no power cuts in the city during the peak office hours. 5-6 productive hours of a day are not made use of, due to the power cuts and well, there is no alternative available for us. What else can we do other than doing some overtime?
However, in the midst of these days, I am trying my best to make the most of this high learning time.

Anyways, as the end of the month is approaching and the audits are getting on the verge of completion, it gives huge sigh of relief to us.  

Well, I wrote this post last night but I was not able to post it due to some technical failure at So, I had just saved it to be republished later on. So, presently blogging from, in fact just republishing from office. 

Anyways friends, have good amount of work before me, so bye for now. Would meet you soon, most probably at the month end.

Till then, take care. God Bless All.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Knowledge Enriching Experiences with Busy Days @ Office!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you?? It has been once again a long time before I am back here to share my life with you. In the last few days, my days at the office have really been busy with some of the audits trying to test all my knowledge before the final accounts and the audit report gets finalised. I finished up two such audits today itself. So, it was a kind of victory day for me as well as our Indian Cricket team which won a One-Dayer against New Zealand in Colombo.

When I made my last post, I got along a very nice feeling on the next day while I met the Vice President of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji. He was into our city for a Seminar for CA Professionals and CA Students on Accounting Standards - a topic which has always caught my interest. While just attending the seminar and enriching my knowledge was making me feel nice, I also happened to get replies to some of my curiousities regarding Accounting Standards and also gave a couple of replies when Mr. Vice President sent some questions to students. Overall, it was a nice knowledge enriching session during the seminar and just when it ended, Chopra Ji came near me and passed me a compliment. I felt great that time. :)

Before that seminar ended, we were also informed of the next seminar on Service Tax & VAT which was around 4 days after. While I was coming out of the seminar hall, I was just thinking of whether I would get permission to attend that seminar or not because the timings just clashed with my office timings. I somehow managed to get permission for that too. Mr. J. K. Mittal, a renowned speaker on the subject from Delhi, updated us on the latest amendments in the Service Tax made by Budget 2009. It was another good seminar to attend and the second half of the seminar saw the topic of Refunds in Punjab VAT by CA Ashok Bhatia. While it could be an interesting topic, I personally could not get enjoy much of that speech as I suppose the lack of much practical knowledge in VAT Refund Procedures was the reason. Anyhow, the seminar surely added something to my knowledge.

The month of September, as expected, had been pretty busy due to work pressure in the office. The work pressure in office is expected to increase more so in the later half of the month, just because the accountants have been busy finalising the books of accounts while fighting with the long power cuts.

I also got an opportunity to experience something new in my professional field, the details of which may find a place in my next post, because I just started working on it yesterday.

So, while this post is dedicated to some pretty nice experiences regarding my professional life I came across in the last couple of weeks, I do wish that my learning process goes on.

More on my life and the latest assignment I have handling to come in the posts to come.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Evening with Punjabi Virsa!!

Hi Friends!!
I hope you all have been fine. Being late in updating my blog is getting common but keeping my schedule in mind, I try my best to update it as and when possible. However, this time was an exception and my busy schedule was not a reason for non-updation of the blog for 3 weeks. It was more a majboori this time, as my PC was under repairs for around 2 weeks, and it got finally OK yesterday.

Anyways, even though blogging after a long time, nothing really special went through my life except my brother's birthday and yeah, my new phone. My brother was here on vacation to celebrate his birthday @ home and well, we had a small dinner outing a day after with a couple of his friends. Well, his vacation also helped me a bit for the fact that my PC was getting repaired all these days and I used to use his laptop to check out my mails, though I had to postpone replying to them. May be it was a blessing in disguise, that my PC had some problems in that time only. :P

Barring the usual busy weeks and relaxing sundays not mentioning that weekly feature films, I would like to share the two weekend evenings spent by me with you all which really brought me more closer to the rich and diverse Punjabi culture. Last Sunday, firstly, it was party time and we college friends had gathered for a small party, more importantly a get-together party, as it was first time we were meeting after our college ended. It was fun and well, the meet once again reminded us that the college has ended. Anyways, the evening had more for me. After the party, I got informed that my family had gone to see a play 'B.A. Pass' written by the renowned Punjabi Novel Writer S. Nanak Singh and I had to join them. Though I got a bit late inr eaching the venue and the play had already started, I enjoyed watching every bit of it. The play was regarding a B.A. Pass student, who was made to study by his father by facing hard times in life and getting loans from other people for his studies, in a hope that he would support his father and family in his old age. However, the boy, on becoming graduate, feels like getting imprisoned staying in village, just because he is a graduate now. (Being a graduate was a luxury in those times, remember the play was written in 1952). He finally leaves his home and hurts his father's emotions. However, with a degree in hand, but no practical experience/training with him, he finds it difficult to earn his living and finally realises what wrong he has done and finally gets back to his village and home. I may not be able to convey the same emotions I felt like while watching the play, the play surely conveyed a lot more. I also plan to make a reading of the novel, though don't know if that would take an actual shape. At the same time, I also felt a bit happy on the fact that I am doing a course which not only imparts me theoretical training but also helps me equip with practical experiences. :D

And well, this Sunday, or I should say today, I have just returned from being a part of a cultural evening out here , primarily meant to celebrate a typical Punjabi festival 'Teeyan'. It is basically a time of joy for punjabi women where they enjoy swings in the rains (in the month of Saawan). It was a nice cultural program and renowned punjabi folk singer Gurmeet Bawa was also present there. She still sounds too good and unfuses a lot of power into her voice and singing, even though being in 60's of her life. I personally enjoyed being there a lot.

While I am writing this post, I am also sensing that this might have been my last free Sunday for the next 4-5 weeks as we may have to work overtime in office incuding Sundays to complete the audit work by the due dates i.e. September 30.

I also request Rain God to bless our city with some rains through my blog. Rabba Rabba Meenh Varsa. We are really finding it hard to have some downpour in our city. I don't know where Mr. Monsoon is hiding out here.

And yes, before I end up with my post, I wish all of you, a very very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi and Happy Ramzan.

Good Night Friends. It's been a nice day today with a lovely ending.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Busy Days are Over or Back Again??

Hi Friends!!
Its again been a week or so since our last interaction. The days gone by were a kind of mixed experience for me altogether.

First of all, what kept me busy in the last week was the returns rush in the office, July 31st being the last day for filing of returns for non-corporate & non-audit assessees. Preparing lot of returns in the office while getting lesser lunch break in between at the office turned out to be fun for us as we would turn on our PC's speakers with a lowest possible, yet listenable, voice. :-) In our quest for breaking the monotony of our tasks, I came across a really kool collection of instrumentals on the net. The instrumental collection is among the top played items now in Winamp at my office PC. :)

Now, I suppose, you all must be thinking that why have I chosen such a title since July 31st has already passed away. So, let me clarify on that please first. September 30th is the due date for getting tax audits done by the income tax assessees, so while the current time-bound tasks at hand were successfully accomplished, I can reasonably expect more busy times in the days to come, and as far as I know our different client's accoutants, they all would be coming to our office after Independence Day. So, busy days seem just a week away. Still, I hope I would enjoy those busy times as this time, I seem to fairly understand the audit processes and further, I don't have my exams in November this year to steal my enjoyment from the work, just like what happened last year.

In the last few posts, I have always written over the hot and humid weather over here these days, but my Monsoon tale from the last post seems to continue. Monsoons still don't seem sure enough to pour over here and that leaves us with a sweaty weather.

More fun was waiting for me this week as I had a kind of a relaxing sunday with a small dinner outing in the later half of the day. More enjoyment was there for me this Sunday as I got to watch some pretty nice movies : Luv Aajkal - movie with pretty nice music and I really wanted to watch it and moreover it was one from Imtiaz Ali, Fashion - a movie I can watch anytime and any number of times, PC rox and lastly, it was Saajan - again a great movie with too good songs and yeah, not to forget the weekly feature film Jab We Met. :-) Luv Aajkal turned good fun to watch as Saif & Deepika have done a reasonably good job in the movie. Lot more could have been expected from 'Jab We Met' Director and he didn't really put down the high expectations from him. Music is nice and I would recommend you to listen 'Ye Doorian' and 'Ajj Din Chadheya' songs from the movie. For the other two movies, I don't think I need to make a review of them.

It was a week of days to celebrate with Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan coming in it, so had lots of meetha to eat this week. But one thought which I definitely would like to share with you all regarding Friendship Day is that do we need a seperate day to show our friends that we care for them. Even though I too sent all my friends the wishes for the day but still, I don't really go with the idea of Friendship Day and for all the supporters of the day, can you please answer the question that do friends get less special on the rest of the days of the year? I had also started tweeting a while ago but the day I joined, I already knew I can't be glued to it for a longer time and well, it turned true and its already 10 days since my last tweet.

Well, besides all the things I've shared with you all right now, one of the most undesirable things once again happened and my PC Operating System once again crashed. So, I ended up installing it once again 2nd Sunday in a row, though the Mission OS didn't prove to be successful as I eventually figured out that my PC was infected with a virus and I needed to format the whole drive. So, these days, am busy arranging for my disk's backup. That has also kept me away from updating my blog.

That's it for now from Simardeep Singh.

Would be back soon.

Sayonara. God bless.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Long Wait for the Monsoon Finally Ends!! It Seems Like That :P

Hi All!!
Once again, ut has been a long time since our last interaction but it has really been pretty busy time for me, for the office work due to Income Tax Returns has been keeping me quite busy. And I expect a couple of more busy days as the due date of filing of Income Tax Returns for non-audit assessees is approaching. As it had been quite a time, I just managed to find (I should say 'steal') some time to update my blog. I am using the word 'steal' as I am still having some returns in hand to preapre.
Finally, the monsoon has arrived into our state and the temperatures are showing a downslide, though I still don't know that a rain of couple of days can be termed as 'The Arrival of Monsoon.' A meteorological can better do that job for me. Whatever we term that into, I am still enjoying the pouring raindrops and the cool breeze.
It has been quite a good time for me in the meanwhile. As I shared with you all in my last post, I went for a small vacation for 2 days to my nanke (Mom's maternal home) along with my mother. It was a great 2-day leave from the office and a good enjoyable time for me out there. Plus, it served as a deviation from my daily routine and hectic schedule.
Further, in the weekend, I happened to watch a play 'Kuch Baatein... aur Tuchh Raatein" in the city. I got the invitation by virtue of one of my friends who was a part of the acting team. :) My brother was also on weekend tour to home and we went to watch the play for celebrating our weekend. The play was nice and it managed to touch some sensitive issues in the society with great dialogues.
And well, one of the reasons mainly contributing to not letting me update my blog for around 2 weeks was that my computer was annoyed with me and hence, the windows refused to start up. :( I had to wait for a free Sunday to repair my PC Operating System as weekdays don't leave me with much free time to do that. What more to ask for, the day came and I formatted my PC and while I was reinstalling Windows on my PC, I just could not get the Windows XP Serial Key. A number of calls and SMSs to friends finally helped me get the serial key after an hour or so. But at last, my computer is once again fine now.
Friends, I suppose I should sign off from here now and get back to work.
Sayonara. God Bless.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where's Monsoon?? Nothing Official About It!!

Hi Friends!!
I have been writing most of my posts on a Sunday but this time, its a day earlier, a happy reason for it and a reason to cheer about. I am going on a small 2 day vacation to my Mamaji's house in Ludhiana. If you are thinking that a 2-day vacation is bit short, ya it is but I could not have afforded a longer holiday from office, nor could I have had a holiday later this month or in the months to come due to audits coming up till September. So, just thought to write this week's brief before I leave tomorrow morning.

The week started off its Day 1 with the India's Finance Budget and well, now when we understand some provisions of the Income Tax Act and other tax statutes, it was a good experience to interpret the Finance Minister's speech to know what changes he actually meant. For me, it is a good budget in a bad world economy. Moreover, it got some good and some not so good changes which we have been reading the whole week to decipher what Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, our FM has tried to enact.

The week gone has been pretty much relaxed at the office while I completed most of the tasks in hand comfortably. It got a bit tensing for me when one of the important documents got punched by me into the wrong file and I had a bad day searching for it all day. No good luck there and I had to recreate that whole document. :( It took me a whole long day.

But the most important thing not happening this week has been the rains and the monsoons. Indian Meteorological Dept has been saying that monsoon has spread all over the country but if they happen to read this post, can they post something official on it? Monsoons seem nowhere in Punjab, particularly Amritsar and that's why I chose the title for this post. There's nothing official about it. But still a hope, monsoons will come soon.

And frenz, got to catch a train at 7 morning. So, have to get up a bit early.
Good Night!! God Bless!! :-z

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Busy Yet So Relaxing Week!!

Hi All!!
I could not find any better title than this one as it really depicts the week gone by for me. Busy because of my daily schedule. 6 hours at office and a couple of hours in classes not including a couple of hours spent waiting for the classes to start though.

I would still term the week as a relaxing one, the primary reason being it gave a bit of relief from the heat wave in the city through the pre-monsoon rains, though we are still waiting for some more rain since that day, even when the meteorological scientists say that monsoon has already spread over the country - I don't think so.

It was after a pretty long time that I watched some new movies after stealing time for it. I followed Winston Churchil's quote for it, "If you don't have night in the day, steal it from night." :-)

New York movie starring John Abraham, Katrina Kaif & Neil Nitin Mukesh was good, a great one in fact for me. I liked the story line, though I would have preferred Katrina not dying and marrying Neil in the climax. John particularly has done a great job, not ignoring Katrina & Neil's performances but after the movie, I have a question for Mr. Irfan Khan, "Why does he always end up in a role interrogating someone, first in Slumdog and now in New York?" ;-P

Second one I watched in the week was Kambakht Ishq. The story line was not good, but Akshay and Kareena manage to give me some entertainment. I give New York higher ratings than Kambakht Ishq for sure, both for the story line as well as the music. 

Right now, I am watching IIFA Awards and well, it has been a good show so far watching so many nice performances and nice comparing by Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh & Boman Irani. The award show seems to be finishing up as the Best Director award has already been announced and am planning to fly off to my land of dreams after then. 

Sayonara :-z

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Week That Wasn't ......

Hi All!!
   Last week didn't go quite smoothly atleast for me, much largely due to some not so wanted things. The very first day of week and I was lying on the road due to my bike slip off, though the speed was slow and I escaped unhurt but such a starting to the week triggered off more of such events for me and particularly my body was not in as high spirits as it had always been. In the mid of the week, I got a back pain which persisted 2-3 days and bending my back was a Mission Impossible during that period.
Besides, these unusual events, the heat wave in the city got me having a headache everyday and riding the bike from home to office and office to home in the noons and afternoons was usually an undesirable journey. Having a small nap in the afternoons had me regain my energy for the evening session at the office but just when I was back home, my body was asking for complete rest and a good sleep. The result, no studies during this period.
However, while I am writing the post, I am already enjoying cool breezes outside and it was fun in the first rain of the season today.
Hoping for some more rains in the week to come and a better power situation in Punjab, Bye for now. I would be back soon. <:-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrating Sunday A Royal Way!!

Hi Friends!!
After my longest break, I am back with my post again, though the period between the two posts haven't been much exciting though. After my last post, I received several comments on my poem on the issue. I express my thanks to all of you who read that and shared their views with me. All these days, I have been thinking to post but my daily schedule coupled with power cuts denied me the access to the blog world. :P
Graduation exams have finished tow months back but the result is still not out, hope it comes out to be good.
I have been fighting with the scorching heat since last these days and well, mind my suggestion, its much better being in the house in the noon time, but the office hours don't allow me to enjoy the pleasure of being in the house. Still, I am trying my best these days to prevent myself from the hot winds blowing in the day.
Sundays are the only relaxing day for me and this sunday, once again, I had a bonanza of Bollywood Movies. Firstly, it was a royal start to the show. :) I happened to see Jodha Akbar and well, I liked it. Both Hrithik & Aish have done a great job, not undermining the work of Ashutosh Gowarikar, the director. The movie was a lot talked about just because it was stealing all the awards and in my opinion, it deserves to be talked about. Then, it was time for the weekly feature these days at the Television, Jab We Met, a movie which has been on the television every Sunday ever since I have started blogging and well, its been 3 months. :P
Power cuts are taking away the leisure of most of my free time this month and while this post gets vanished too due to power cut, I decide to sign out with a promise to be back sooner. :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Appeal for Peace!!

Hi Friends!!
Continuing my last post regarding the disturbances in Punjab, I wrote a few lines on the issue and would like to share the same with you all. I hope you all with agree with my thought.
Ravivar ki sham se chala,
na tham ska toofan yeh ab tak..
ek prashan ka uttar main dhundu,
Punjab ki gati ruke hai kab tak..
Mahapurushon ki maut ka rosh,
aur umda jan sailaab hai..
aag chahe jahan b lagi,
sulag toh raha Punjab hai..
thaamo yeh toofan yeh aandhi,
Punjab maange kuch shanti hai..
Punjab ne sahe hai kayi zakhm aise,
yeh mitti fir se jeena jaanti hai..

With these few lines by me, I appeal for peace in Punjab. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Burning Punjab!!

Hi All!!
The above title to all may seem like a pure filmi dialogue but that's what we are witnessing in Punjab since Sunday. Shops are being ransacked, trains are being burnt, highways are being jammed and what not is beiung done to protest against the communal clash in a Gurdwara at Vienna (Austria) and eventual death of the Saint Baba Ramanand Ji, Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Jalandhar (Punjab). The followers of the Dera who are among the followers of the Bhagat Ravidas Ji, said to be around 14-15 Lacs in the Punjab territory have been on the road against the said incident, putting Punjab into flames and getting all the life in Punjab to a standstill. Financial organisations like Banks, business places, educational institutes are closed. Curfew in some of the cities in Punjab has also been imposed. Trains to the state have been cancelled. What all we are witnessing over here in Punjab can be said to be an extreme emotional outcome.

However, without any disregard to the Dera followers, I wish to express my opinion on such protests. It can be understood that they are very much angry upon the death of their religious leader but it must also be understood that spreading violence is not a proper way to protest against the same. Atleast public property must not be destroyed, and nor should be the private property even. There are some peaceful ways to protest too. What I understand from these protests is that these protests are against the Govt. and not against any other community as most of the property being destroyed is the public property and the people are annoyed with the Govt. for not taking immidiete actions for the enquiry of the incident. But still, they must understand that the dimplomatic efforts take their own time.

Also, continuing with my habit of looking into the brighter sides of the things, what I am seeing that this incident also saw the Dera followers all over the state getting united in one go, though not for a good reason. I request all of them that please do remain united and involve in peaceful protests only. Putting the buses and trains into the flames is not going to bring any solution.

Penning down my opinion may have hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings and if such thing be, kindly excuse me for the same.

And for now, I just wish to tune into the TV for more of the news from the state. May this fire extinguish soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL Concludes Today!!

Hi Friends!!
After a couple of busy sundays for me, today's was a bit relaxing one. The week gone by gave was a really tiring and lazy too. As I was reading today's newpapers, Amritsar is the hottest city these days and well, I totally agree with that. Really, coming home from office at lunch time, which comes out to be just half a minutes' ride on M/cycle, has been getting hard for me. However, right now, there is some wind blowing outside and the weather is cool out here and I hope it remains so in the coming days as well.
Week gone by has not given me any new happenings into my life and it was as usualy busy with my training. But yes, I finished off my first tax audit assignment for this year at the office.
Well, today is the Grand Finale of Indian Premier League Season 2, a bit unexpected one though but I expect a good contest in the ground. I bet on the Deccan Chargers with Gilly, Symonds & Rohit in there in the batting and RP Singh & Pragyan Ojha in the bowling front. And I just remind myself that the match is about to start.
So, right now, I just got to logout from my account, switch off the pc and get in the front of TV watching the IPL Finals. Sayonara :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Elections & IPL Made My Days Exciting!!

Hello Friends!!
How are you all doing? Though today's day has been going really going very much peaceful and relaxing for me, last few days' have been really exciting for me, and some days went a bit tiring too for me at the office.
As I shared with you all in my last post, I exercised my right to vote for the first time on May 13. It was an off from the office due to the elections and I had planned to relax the whole day. However, it is often a case with me that a free day is often hard to spend for me. Then, a couple of days at the office were asking for an overtime from me as one of the audit assignments had to be completed by the week and well, as the time passed by, the work got completed.
The day of Saturday was a day of excitement of me, though a nervous day for the candidates who had contested in the electoral process of the biggest democracy of the World. Eventually, as the day ended, the verdict stood clear in the favour of Indian National Congress and well, what I wished for got true as well. Now, I can expect a good financial team for the country in the coming days, probably the best in my opinion to cope up with the financial and economic crisis in the world.
Sunday came up with a crucial match for the Kings XI Punjab team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a match that was supposed to be a crunchy and hard-to-win game looking at the batting line up of the Deccan Chargers team. It was a must win game for the Punjab team to qualify for the Semis. A match which had all the excitement and yes, eventually Punjab stole the win from Deccan by 1 run. Team's co-owner Preity Zinta, the bubbly of the Bollywood, was excited as well as thrilled by the team's win and so was I.
Hoping for some more exciting time in the coming days, I sign out from here now. God Bless All! :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Punjab Goes to Polls Tomorrow!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you all? Sitting on the chair and penning down a post for my blog while I watch Fashion on TV and IPL match between Mumbai & Punjab seems to be a good combo. Though right now, match is not giving me any exciting moment as Punjab team has set a pretty low target, although the last time these teams met, target was the same and Punjab won in an exciting match. So, praying that Sachin does not score much thi stime and so do his teammates, I wish that history repeats itself.

So, while the match is going out of Punjab's hands, I swap the channel to Fashion. Really don't have any choice at a tiring day's end.

So, while my life is going through a no excitement zone these days, tomorrow is a day when Simar will vote for the first time. Last phase for the elections is tomorrow and my city goes into polls too, and well, as that Jaago Re ad conveys, I don't intend to sleep tomorrow and vote for sure.

The whole Punjab goes to vote tomorrow and so do I!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!

Hi Friends!!
I was expecting that after my exams end, I would be at some ease with my schedules but for some reaosn or the other, I have been busy. Just look how busy I was, I had written a post to share with you on May 3, 2009 and just couldn't publish it up. :P I published it today itself but read it with a feeling as if it as a May 3rd post. ;)
IPL is getting exciting day by day with no real contendors for the top spot, though Kolkata Knight Riders are moving a great deal towards getting on the top of the table if the points table turns upside down. Don't take it personally, in case any KKR fan is reading it. :P But yes, I am enjoying the IPL fun and it is really giving me some anxious moments as well. Still cheering for my home team, Kings XI Punjab.
Just as IPL is giving me some great excitemnts, for a different reason, yesterday night was some more excitement for me and my brother. Today's my parents' 25th Anniversry and we brothers thought of some surprise in the night. We had planned to decorate the drawing room and wish them while the clock strikes 12. But we didn't want to give a pinch of the our plans to them. Tiptoeing from our bedroom where the decoration material was hid by us and the drawing room was a hard exercise for us. Airing balloons after a long time and we were just feeling a bit lighter than before. ;) We both were just enjoying enjoying every bit of that time as the decoration era was a hisotry for us, we hadn't done it for along time. :)
Finally, we did it and the room got deccorated nicely, adding to our delight. That family celebration ended up nicely and I enjoyed eating the mango slice on the Anniversry cake. :D

A Happy Sunday!!

Hi Friends!!
I am back to my blog after a relatively longer period of time, simply because I could not find myself with enough time to be online. The week went a bit busy, no major reasosn though. ;)
First of all, I had my last exam of my graduation which had been earlier postponed after a week of holidays and that too on a Sunday. So, simply I was not really getting a feel of an exam while going to college for giving the exam. :P Paper was a bit unexpected though, the paper setters diverted from the paper style in the question. However, the exam goes smoothly and my graduation exams end.
After the exam, I had to go to one of my friends' birthday party. Had a great time there because meeting friends in a relaxed mood, out of the exam's worries really set the tone for the day.
That Sunday had got some more for me and in the night, I got the information that my poem on Secularism (Read it at had gone for publishing in Dainik Bhaskar's State Edition. It hasn't yet been published though but will be in the print soon.
Be on a lookout for my poem in Dainik Bhaskar. ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preity V/s Shilpa!!

Hi Friends!!
A long week goes by peacefully, with a bit of excitement, a bit of surprises and a pinch of tiredness as well all the week which was eventually put off today after I returned back home from college after my Income Tax Viva Voce.
The week was a great excitememnt, thankfully to Indian Premier League majorly. My home team started off badly but that bad start could be attributed to the Rain God which spoiled the fun. But the week saw some great matches and it also made me a great fan of Shane Warne's captaincy as well. Who else would dare to put youngster Kamran Khan into the final decisive over against Sourav Ganguly who needed just 7 runs off 6 balls and still would get the match into a tie? But Shane, I would be on your opposite side for the sake of my home team, for the rest of the matches, you can surely count me as your supporter.
Two of my exams also went off between my last post and today and well, they went good from my perspective, don't know what the examiners' is. :P And today was my Income Tax Viva Voce, which was finished off pretty sooner for me as I was the first roll number of the class. :) The thing that made me more happy was that the whole class just shared some great moments of our college life along with some kahi ankahi baatein with each other and we were just reliving the moments after our viva as there were no security guards to tell us to be silent in the campus as usual. After I was home from college, it was a relaxing day for me while I viewed 'Fashion' at Colors in the day.
Well, right now, I have just finished up with one of the matches with Delhi Daredevils team winning up and K.P. (Kevin Pieterson) once again ending up on losing side. And as the title of the post suggests, I am waiting for a great encounter between Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty's teams and as I said earlier too, you can surely expect me to support Kings XI Punjab.

Friday, April 17, 2009

IPL Kicks Off Tomorrow!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you all? I am here again after a couple of my exams. One of the exams didn't go that good for me owing more to my silly mistake and the second one went great because the questions were simply demanding a general knowledge of e-commerce and computers mostly out of the textbook ;) but I don't know how much my general knowledge matches with the examiners.' ;-)
Also, a day before yesterday, I got to know that one of my exams got postponed due to elections and that exam of mine now stands shifted to 03.05.09. :(
Anyways, what is exciting for me today is that IPL (Indian Premier League) Season 2 is kicking off tomorrow and am really excited to enjoy that. I hope it really gives us more fun than that it gave us last time. I will still be cheering for my home team, Kings XI Punjab even though it is being ranked as a team who will be giving relatively lesser competition this year. Yuvi and team, dhoom macha de.
Don't have much to share with you this time but I hope next time I post something, I would have some IPL masala and something more exciting. But for now, I wait for IPL. :) and by the way, do comment with which team are you cheering for? ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

India is a Secular State!! :-)

Hi Friends!! After a couple of my exams pass away peacefully and leaving me with a happy face while coming out of the exam hall, I am back again to my very own blog.
Between my last blog and today, I saw some shoe throwing practice by one of the journalists towards our very own Home Minister and a person whom I admire a lot due to some great reforms in Indian Financial Sturucture, Mr. P. Chidambaram. Although the whole incident was termed as an emotional outcome, it really made me think over a highly sensitive matter of religion-based divide in the country, a propoganda which political parties use as and when it suits them without even caring for what its outcome could be. So, I just wrote few lines to let all get reminded that quoting the words of the Preamble to our Constitution of India, India is a Sovereign, Socialist, SECULAR, Democratic and Republican State. This has been really my first attempt towards any general issue and I hope you like these.
Kahin hai Jesus toh Kahin hai Raam,
Kahin Hai Nanak Kahin Ali Ka Naam..
Btaya humko tha kisine bachpan ki ik shaam,
kehne ko sab alag hai lekin sabka ek hai kaam..
Sabhi sikha gye hain humko sabse karna pyaar,
na rakhna kisi se bair tum na karna atyachaar..
is dunia ki bheed mein hum jaise kayi hazaar,
kar sako toh kalyug mein karna tum sach ka karobaar..
dharm ke thekedaaron ne ki dharti khoon se geeli,
is dangon ki holi mein gujarat bachaa na dilli..
Swarn Mandir mein fauj ho ya akshardham mein goli,
mera seena na karo chhalni yeh bharat mata boli..
bhul chuke toh sunlo sab khol ke apne kaan,
hindu muslim sikh isayi akhir hain toh sab insaan..
hum us desh k vaasi hai jahan sab hai ek samaan,
is samajik ekta ki toh ustat kare jahaan..

Proud to be a Secular Indian. Are you??

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Friendship is God's Gift. Do You Agree?

Hi Friends, How are you all? It has been a week since I posted at my blog, the longest since the very start of this blog. But as I had shared with you all, my graduation final exams are going on. One of my exams have already gone and the second one is tomorrow. For any of you who would be interested to know how it went, it really went good.
Last night, I was just relaxing in my bed and just could not find any better thing to watch on idiot box. Coming online didn't offer me any good incentive as none of my friends were online. So, after a long time, I just wrote a couple of lines and I am just gonna share it with you all :
Aaj tanha baitha toh kuch soch raha tha main,
pyar aur dosti mein koi fark dhund rha tha main..
pyar ka kissa aksar rehta q hai adhura,
isi kashmakash mein faske majbur ho rha tha main..
log aksar pyar aur dosti ko ek tarazu mein tolte hai,
zyadatar pyar ko khuda ki bakshish bolte hain..
jaane q sabhi yeh baat bhul jaate hain,
sirf dost k aage hum dil k darwaze kholte hain..
khuda ne dost ko dost se milaya,
sachai se bhara ek rishta hai banaya..
par kehte hain dosti rahegi usi ki kaayam,
jisne dosti ko dil se nibhaya..
pyar ka hai aksar hota adhura anjam,
dosti mein na aaye kabhi dhalti huyi sham..
meri zindagi ko rangeen bnaya tumne,
ae dost teri dosti ko salaam..

I dedicate these lines to all my friends and I hope you would like it.
And for some of my friends who don't understand Hindi, I just tried to get the better one out of love and friendship through these lines.
Now, I am just going to log out. Bye to all and just like my last post, once again, I have an exam tomorrow so wish me luck.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Sunday at the Office!!

Hi friends. The title for this post might seem like being inspired from some book  to you but actually the author copied my idea, changed a couple of words and released a book which as you all might know became one of the best sellers in India. ;)
Sunday - often a rest day for me but not this time. Today is March 29 - the last sunday before the yearly closing of the financial year on March 31 which also is the very last date for filing of income tax returns by the assessees without any penalty except the interest for late payment of tax. So, this time, I celebrated my sunday in the office itself.It was ok for me as I had expected such a sunday. And by the way, I surely think there is an urgent need for some legal & financial awakening in the common people's India as usually 30% of the assessees file their return in this last month. Jaago Re India!!
And well, I have got my computer practical for graduation finals in college tomorrow. So, wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boring Week Gone, Tight Schedule Expected Ahead!!

While I am writing this post, I really can't find anything to share with you all. The week has just passed by without any excitement or fun. Tight schedule at the office with last minute returns piling up, a tiring time at home too because the body is just too tired while am at home and I just can't get enough concentration on my subjects but then I just remind myself that B.Com Finals are just a week away and within a month, they will be over too. My practicals are just a couple of days away and no special preparation for it as such.
I expect some more tight schedule during the coming time firstly due to the 31st March financial year ending and then due to my exams and hitting the nail in the coffin, no leave from the office too for the graduation exams except one day before each exam. Last year, it was not an issue because last year, atleast we were surely aware of the syllabus contents but this time, a major chunk of final year graduation was lost thanks to CA exams and articleship - though no regrets for it.
Anyways, I hope I will be able to manage it well.
With these words and a boring post this time, I sign off. ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Articleship Gets 2 Years Old Today!!

While today I complete 2 years of my articleship, there still remains 1 and a half year for the completion of prescribed period of 3 and a half years of articleship. There has been a mixed experience of articleship for me with a major share of my time being a happy one.
March 19, 2007 and March 19, 2009 - Things have changed a lot from then in me, both on the personal as well as professional front. The day I started I still remember, I was very much excited about what kind of work I would be getting. While I had been visiting office to get my papers ready before the start of my articleship, I could see that I would be the sole article there but the very first day at the office, one of the office's clients came with his relative who was also for the same purpose in the office as me. So, it just went good for me.My exams were just two weeks away and I still chose to come to office for a couple of hours upon my initiative so that I could just get a sneak peak into what I have got ahead for me, and yes, those two weeks surely helped me to adjust with the environment in the office.
Not getting much of the on site audits, I was confined more to the office work, which was by no means any lesser. ;) But as the time went by, I was given the opportunity to handle the concurrent audit of one of the largest bank branches in our city, and well, you know what, my first month there was the most important one as it was the annual closing and I had to work a bit overtime too to get the report ready by 3rd of April while the regular date to submit the report remained at 10th of the next month. So, it was a good and learning time keeping with the deadline while I was also getting myself prepared for my 2nd year final exams. The deadline was met :) and then I had a lovely time with the bank audit. And well, another good time happened when we went to BHEL Industrial Valves Plant, Goindwal for its statutory audit in Dec 08 and for the purpose of finalising the quarterly accounts of the Plant.
Although I have had these and many more good and nice experiences to share (rest of these later on), it is also true that sometimes, surely felt that we deserved a little bit of freedom more. :P I But the feeling used to be only temporary as usually the knowledge enriched through articleship compensated many times more.
I thought to write this post in office so While celebrating the day today, a couple of Income Tax returns are lying in front of me to be prepared and yes, after 2 years of articleship training, I surely see a good change in me and I see myself much more organised and disciplined.
And well for people who are still confused what articleship is, it is the name given to practical training imparted under Chartered Accountancy course curriculum.
So, while I prepare some Income Tax returns, I sign out from here, Sayonara.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Weekend This Time!!

Another Sunday was before me, though usually a rest day for me but this time, lots of busyness was expected due to some important functions to be attended.. And it was a busy day indeed.
A marriage function in the morning which went till afternoon was my first function attended on the day. Though I had expected to have a boring stay there as I had not expected anybody from my friend circle to be there, but still I had to go there. However, it turned out to be a much good visit for me as I met one of my schoolmates there after around 3 years or so, though we have had some teli-calls between the periods but we had not met since we left the school. Cherished having a talk with him exploring where our other schoolmates were and just digging some old memories.
In the afternoon, there was a small get-together in our neighbour's house and well, I was to get all the foodstuff arranged for the guests.  It lasted for around 2 hours and all the time, I was busy, no complaints though.

And while I reached back home, I just saw the TV schedule and was delighted to check out the movies on the idiot box. There were Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - one of the movies I love watching to, K3G - another evergreen movie, Race - my legs were pleading to give them some rest, so I thought it better not to got for Race Saanson Ki..,  Jab We Met - saw it last sunday too and then there was Fashion too. Fashion - another gem from Madhur Bhandarkar's pandora box. While I write this post, I am loving seeing PC, Kangana & Mughda Godse on screen and well, right now, Meghna (PC) is coming back to her world - the modelling world and getting all her things she earlier messed up sorted.
So, bye all. Fashion is still going on and I think I will end my day as soon as it goes off.
Another busy week lies before me so got to have a good sleep for a fresh week ahead. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi!!

Holi has not been one of the festivals I have really waited for, and this time was not any different too. And till the morning, only thing happening good for me at Holi this time was an off from the office.
But by the time the day went ahead, I sent some wishes for Holi to my near and dear ones. And while the day was passing off silently, I experienced something very great and would like to share with all of you and I am sure you will also love to see such a Holi.
I went to Golden Temple with family & our relatives from Sirsa in night. First of all, my cousin was to be honoured at Sri Akal Takht Sahib with a computer, the reason being he had won the Chess Championship for Under 7 age group children in Haryana and the computer was presented to him by 9.15 PM and by that time, Paalki Saahib was also ready to go inside the Golden Temple in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji were to be brought for Sukhaasan. Most of you might not be aware of the fact that even Holi is played in Golden Temple too on the Hola Mohalla day (that was today - by the time, the post gets written, it would become yesterday). Just that instead of water, there are room sprays and instead of gulaal, there are rose petals. While the palki sahib was coming from the bridge to the resting place of holy book of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it was seeming like rain was pouring from the sky while there were room freshners being sprayed by all the sangat. A lovely scene for the eyes and a wonderful experience for the soul.  And I just can't get suitable words really to just express how I was feeling at that moment.
We had a DigiCam with us but unluckily, the battery just betrayed us and we could not click any pictures of the scene. And enriching our day more, we got to enter the Golden Temple after the doors were closed for the seva.
Finally, the day has ended but the wait for the next year's Hola Mohalla has already begun. :D
And friends, I didn't get the Anoushka Video yet. The search is on.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Bonanza with Page 3, Jab We Met & Filmfare!!

A Sunday is a Sunday after all..  What does it mean for me? It means an off from the office, a day to just connect back to all my friends whom I haven't been able to while I'm busy with my other commitments and some time to just sit back & relax.
I had a great Sunday today because I just relaxed the whole day. :D A free Sunday was what I had been really wanting for since past so many weeks. I happened to see the repeat telecast of 'Oye It's Friday' on NDTV Imagine in the afternoon and really wish to say that it was great, the best part was the performance of Anoushka Shankar there. I am just hunting for the video for the same on the net and if I get that, it would surely be up here for all of you. :)
And well, right now, m just having a feast out here with Page 3, Jab We Met and Filmfare Awards on different channels. So, just having some busy time surfing between the channels in between the advertisements, thankfully the ad timings are good. :D Page 3, the movie I just loved the first time I saw it.. i have had a bit experience of being with the journalists and what I have seen, the movie is a perfect picturisation of it.. Jab We Met, the movie which just gives you a reson to smile.. Just listen to your heart and you'll be happy.. And lastly, Filmfare Awards - most reputed awards along ith Star Screen but then the show is just giving me some nice moments and once again, lots of fun & smile and giving some more reasons to me for stay tuned into Filmfare, Imran & Ranvir are just doing great job there  (",)
And while I enjoy my weekend bonanza, I wish a great week ahead for all of you. And just don't forgot, my search for Anoushka Shankar's performance video will resume tomorrow.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Goodbye College!!

I have been always wanting to write this post since a week but never really could get some free time to recollect treasures of my college life and pen them down but then I thought it important to write them down as I had to express my emotions somewhere and I suppose that's the purpose I made this blog for. Saturday Feb 28 marked the end of my college life officially, and honestly, I am not feeling good for that. Though it means a stepping stone in my life, a step which opens up some more fields for me to explore and some more memories to cherish. May be it would also mean an empty slot in my daily schedule, even though emptiness may not be felt that much due to busyness which my CA training gives me.
Having a look at my schooling days, the life used to be as if those days would not end. But one day, it was time to say goodbye to school and pressing the emotional trigger a bit more, I was asked to say the fairwell message on behalf of my whole batch. But, then there was curiousity in my mind as to what surprises college life has for us as there was lots of talk about the fun college life has. And well, the curiousity was worth it.
College life really gave me some good moments , some great moments and yes, some not that good moments too. I still remember the very first day of my college when we were really lost and not finding where our classes were and then we were scolded by the lecturer because we were late in the class. That day and the present, the time period encloses a very happy period of my life. I suppose college life helped me a great deal to get to where I am today. First year, I was really enjoying the college times, a regular attendant of the lectures usually found his way to the Internet Lab in the college after the college hours. Kamal Sir, thanks to you, my college life got a great start. :D Second Year, there were not so happy times in the class, lots of quarrels usually for the reasons very much avoidable though none of those involved me and outside the class after the lectures, I had got some very good friends and if anybody among them is reading this post, I have enjoyed our times together in college and keep in touch always. and now the final year, I could not attend the college lectures much because of the timings clashing with my CA training due to new rules framed by our Institute. Still, after my CA Inter exams, I had been a bit regular to the college as I thought not to miss the last days of my college life and frame some more good memories to possess my whole life.
Another thing which was really very much great for me that I made some great friends outside my class as well. And another funny thing was that whoever I got friends with had happened to be in his/her final years whether in my first year or the second year. So, with a less than a year time in college together, I used to have some moist eyes at the time of their farewell though the end of our times together in college didn't really mean that our times together really ended and I am still in touch with most of them. Still, thanks to them, their company assured me that I used to be happy even when there were some -ve vibes in the class.
It would have been a great college life but for one incident which really shook our whole class and one of the most enjoying person of our class, Anubhav was just snatched away from us & he now rests in peace and I do always pray for him. I still remember his calls to me which usually I did not pick and then he would just visit my house during the exams to get the important chapters for the exam from me. Had been a nice person for the time we spent together in class and it was really a shocker for us when we heard about his acident.
But then, the life goes on and it will always go on. Miss you brother.
And one thing which I take with me as the college life ends is that whether we are happy or not, the show still goes on and that time does not really come back as it was. Make the best of the PRESENT and don't repent over the things in the past. Following this simple rule will help us mould a bright future for us. That's what I have learnt from my experiences.
Now, just putting a break to the flow of emotions, I bid farewell to the college life with a smile.

Bye DAV. :D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terrorism - Unhealthy for International Sports!!

Today's the day I have started my blog and I really thought to unfold some hidden mysteries of my life. But what happened in Pakistan a few hours ago forced me to share it with all of you.
Sri Lanka's Cricket team which was on a tour of Pakistan was attacked by 12 militants on their way to Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore while they were going to the stadium to continue the test macth. Thanks to the security personnel and bus driver, all the players escaped the scene quickly though a couple had bullets in their bodies too but the wounds weren't any serious.
Cricketers might have escaped safely but it kicks off some really serious questions from my mind. What had happened if instead of shotguns, they had grenades in their hands? The entire team would have blown in a matter of seconds. In a country like Pakistan where militancy is said to develop its roots, security should have been on a high priority. Though a number of terror attacks have happened during the sporting tours, but as far as I can remember, it was the first time sportpersons have been attacked directly by the militants. This could really have an adverse impact on Pak Cricket and I just hope a better future for very much talented Pak Cricketers.
With mixed emotions of attack in Pakistan and India's win in New Zealand, I really had a much satisfying day today. Completed lots of pending jobs in hand today. And most important of all, I just sent my forms for registration to CA Final course.
And yes, while writing this post, I am once again reminding myself that my graduation exams are also approaching. So, got to start study for that too very soon and I hope that the time to start comes really very soon. :P

Mahurat Post!!

Hi All!!
Namaste.. Sat Sri Akal.. Aslaam Waalekum.. Bon Jour.. that's all the starters I know..
Through the blog, I just wish to express myself more freely. Just trying my hands on blogging for the first time but I hope I have a good time out here.
Goodbye for now.

Would be posting something pretty soon. :)