Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Week That Wasn't ......

Hi All!!
   Last week didn't go quite smoothly atleast for me, much largely due to some not so wanted things. The very first day of week and I was lying on the road due to my bike slip off, though the speed was slow and I escaped unhurt but such a starting to the week triggered off more of such events for me and particularly my body was not in as high spirits as it had always been. In the mid of the week, I got a back pain which persisted 2-3 days and bending my back was a Mission Impossible during that period.
Besides, these unusual events, the heat wave in the city got me having a headache everyday and riding the bike from home to office and office to home in the noons and afternoons was usually an undesirable journey. Having a small nap in the afternoons had me regain my energy for the evening session at the office but just when I was back home, my body was asking for complete rest and a good sleep. The result, no studies during this period.
However, while I am writing the post, I am already enjoying cool breezes outside and it was fun in the first rain of the season today.
Hoping for some more rains in the week to come and a better power situation in Punjab, Bye for now. I would be back soon. <:-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrating Sunday A Royal Way!!

Hi Friends!!
After my longest break, I am back with my post again, though the period between the two posts haven't been much exciting though. After my last post, I received several comments on my poem on the issue. I express my thanks to all of you who read that and shared their views with me. All these days, I have been thinking to post but my daily schedule coupled with power cuts denied me the access to the blog world. :P
Graduation exams have finished tow months back but the result is still not out, hope it comes out to be good.
I have been fighting with the scorching heat since last these days and well, mind my suggestion, its much better being in the house in the noon time, but the office hours don't allow me to enjoy the pleasure of being in the house. Still, I am trying my best these days to prevent myself from the hot winds blowing in the day.
Sundays are the only relaxing day for me and this sunday, once again, I had a bonanza of Bollywood Movies. Firstly, it was a royal start to the show. :) I happened to see Jodha Akbar and well, I liked it. Both Hrithik & Aish have done a great job, not undermining the work of Ashutosh Gowarikar, the director. The movie was a lot talked about just because it was stealing all the awards and in my opinion, it deserves to be talked about. Then, it was time for the weekly feature these days at the Television, Jab We Met, a movie which has been on the television every Sunday ever since I have started blogging and well, its been 3 months. :P
Power cuts are taking away the leisure of most of my free time this month and while this post gets vanished too due to power cut, I decide to sign out with a promise to be back sooner. :-)