Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Innovation at its Best - FT Idea Caravan!!

Ting tong!!
A mail arrives in my mailbox reminding me of the last day of the Idea Caravan contest. Being a firm believer of innovative thinking, I just thought to check out the website. Visiting the site, I came across many new ideas on the website which hosted the videos of the presentations made at Franklin Templeton Investments partnered TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. There were some amazing innovative thoughts, which have been a part of our daily lives, but still, have not been specifically made a part yet. This also reminds of the basic principle that solution to every problem lies within us. If we think we can do it or not, we are always right. So, it takes more of a mental approach to a problem than really keep running around to search a solution.

Though all the videos were quite impressive, I found one idea simply fantastic  and pretty useful, which was presented my Ms. Cynthia Koenig. You can visit the video at the following link:

While Ms. Cynthia was presenting the idea, my mind immediately picturised the Amul advertisement in front of me, which showed group of women carrying Indian Earthen Pots over their heads, supposedly milk as a part of their routine of earning bread, and the end of that ad displays, "Every Morning crores of Indians celebrate the Taste of India that brings economic independence to 30 lac women across 15,000 villages." Check out the ad at the link below:

I am sure, most of the readers here may have already seen this ad and relate to it.  Just a random thought, what better a change can be than changing this daily routine of these 30 lac women, which carry the pots over their heads to using 'wello', the one presented by Ms. Cynthia.

And while I am writing this post, which was supposed to be an entry to be written for The Idea Caravan contest, I am also planning to convey this idea to the Amul management, which will not only result in better health for the economically independent women, but also more time for their kids and family.

Well, while Amul Management will be conveyed this in due course, just a small appeal to you. Share this post and videos  as much as you can, since not only Amul women, but lot many other women carry pots over their heads daily as a matter of their survival which may result in health disorders for the women, and betterment of even a single woman's life through this idea will serve the purpose of writing this post.
Wello, simply lelo. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Teri Yaad!!

Its been quite a long time since the last one. The writer Simar had been getting wake-up wishes, and well, here he is, back from his long banvaas. Just tried to pen down few lines, nothing personal though. J

Saath chalte chalte kab raste juda huye,
yeh hmein na ho paaya tha ehsaas..
hmein toh ek aadat pad chuki thi,
har waqt tumhare rehne ki aaspaas..

Aaj bhi yehi socha krte hain hm,
tere bina kaise ji paayenge hm,
chalte chalte is baarish mein,
apne aansu bhi pi jaayenge hm..

Hansi rkhte hain hm chehre pe apne,
par khushi na hmein mil paati hai..
rooth jaati hai aksar zindgi mjse,
manane ki kala na hmko aati hai..

Mehfil mein b pata hun khud ko tanha,
hai teri kami jo mjko sataati hai..
sochu jb k kat jayegi tanhai yun hi,
teri yaad chupke se chali aati hai..

Chalte hai Dunia ki bheed mein,
par hai teri kami jo mjko sataati hai..
lage jab b kbhi k akela sa hun main,
teri yaad chupke se chali aati hai..

I hope you liked these lines. Do post in your comments. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jab We Meet!!

Since my last blog post, I had been keeping my pen busy writing a couple of poetry about the lost love, my pet area of writing about fiction, but since none of could be completed, no blog posts could be made. Par yeh mat sochna k yeh blogger fir se so gya. This time, its like toofan se pehle ki shanti. But shayad yeh shanti Indiblogger ko pasand nahi aayi and here, they come up with another blogger meet.

Another mail from Indiblogger, another meet notification and unlike last time, I had already got registered before the seats went full. Thanks to Shwetabh, who had tagged me @ fb about it. I was really excited to meet the friends I had made @ last meet and to have their feedback about the sleeping blogger's comeback post, which I had made after that meet. The excitement was visible more in the first timers' comments while they were registering themselves @ Indiblogger. Having gone through that curious-kinda feeling in the last meet, I could surely relate to them. I also reserved my day for the #FreshnHappy meet since it was supposed to be a wonderful break from everyday's monotonous-kinda routine.

Well, I reached the venue a little early, but was quite surprised to c such a large gathering. I just tried searching for some jane-pehchane chehre. But it was just Shwetabh, whom I could locate in that crowd. After a while, Karthik opened the flood gates to the hall, and all of us just rushed in to be the first movers. Shwetabh later told me, he was inspired by me to be the first mover, since it may turn out to be the Indiblogger's fb album's title photo.

In the rush of logging in, Arvind Bhai just called me up and the Zebra ka Debra effect was back. We occupied the centre table in front, so very habitual of being in the limelight. Sitting across and looking around, I hardly saw someone already known. Murtaza, Manjulika, Priyaa, Shaivi and Aishwarya Bhai, this completed my known ones' list.

The meet started with a BANG, a head-bang. Nihal came up with a crash course on head-banging. From beginners to expert in just five minutes, we had a good fun banging our heads.

Then came up the number game, just like last time, I could not get lucky getting a chance to give a number and take home some goodies. However, Anoop helped us clear all the bad air off our lungs by calling the hall to scream, since it would be the loudest scream who would get a chance. It was a good 1 minute screaming session and Shwetabh, who was just sitting in front of me, got his fingers on his ears and once I stopped, a request to me to scream a little less louder. Who cares!! ;)

30 seconds to fame, this time it had got a social touch. Every social blogger got a chance to introduce himself and the social blog. Just one word for the intros, concepts and stories of how it touched others' lives - Amazzzzinngg.. Felt proud to be a part of a responsible blogger community. :D

Then lunch time was announced, and before we could even get off the chairs, we saw a huge queue against the food tables, and this allowed us more time to chit-chat with the bloggers. It also gave me a chance to interact with Passey Sir, and well, that small interaction surely gave them an admirer. :)

Getting back to the hall after having lunch, it more of seemed like a marriage hall rather than a indiblogger meet, since most of the bloggers were still enjoying the food on the tables. A little later, as we settled, we were given a sample of Ambi Pur room freshners, a part-time fayda of attending the meets. No later were we made aware that even this was supposed to be an activity and based on the flavours of the fragrances, we were divided into groups. My Zebra ka Debra team was back again and coincidentally, we were into the same team. While the rules were announced, I was called on by Viral Fever team for some masti time off the field. Hardly, I had any clue k hone kya wala hai, but well, it was getting exciting. I was blindfolded and taken into a room. I was got involved into a conversation for about five minutes, wherein I was asked about some wonderful vacation, my experiences. I shared with them my vacation in Goa last winters with my friends.  After about 5 minutes, I was revealed the surprise and I had a beach-kinda feeling all around me, with some fish, prawns etc. lying on the table in front of me alongwith a guy sunbathing on the same sofa I was made to sit on. This was all being shot and I hardly had any idea what exactly they are going to do with that video. Indiblogger team, kindly throw some light.

Well, back into the action, I joined my team. Last time k zebra k debra were this time AmbiPandas. I was told that we are to make a Chinese Martial Arts movie and by the time I had joined them, the story had been finalized to a large extent. But the time allotted was ending with every passing second and before we could script a conclusive ending, the time got over. We kept discussing our idea while others were performing since we did take the task of directing a Chinese movie very seriously. But I don't know why no one could really understand our script (including us), since they were mostly Indians. I think I should share the script with you as well, so that Indiblogger team and other fellow attendees can at least understand our concept and appreciate the sheer talent we all displayed, but maybe a weak script (or a weak audience), it could not be communicated properly. Here's the script for our movie:

繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字繁字 繁体字全字简笔全体字

Disclaimer: No part of the script above may be used for commercial purposes. For using it for personal purposes, a credit may be displayed alongwith. 
Note: If any of my other AmbiPanda happens to read the post, do reply in the comments.

After the activity ended, we were all made to give another try to clean off our lungs and scream our heart out. It was time for the meet to end, but not before another chhoti c pose-making activity. Activity may have been a small one, but the prize itself made it big - Nokia Lumia 720.

Ek aur meet, aur fir se no prizes. Mera number kab aayega? :-?