Monday, June 22, 2015

Time to be Sherlock Holmes!

It’s certainly very exciting being a blogger and expressing your heart on whatever you want to speak about. It gets even more interesting when there are certain events and activities which are made exclusive for the bloggers. I noticed an invite from in my inbox which invited only male bloggers for the activity. Curious about the activity, especially the keyword #sniffsniff, it was certainly something I got excited about. I immediately registered for the activity, as the destiny was meant to be, I was selected for the activity.

However, I was really clueless about how the activity is going to work out. It was a hot Sunday noon and I was just about the bathe, when the doorbell rung. 
Certainly Not the right place to use the Wooden Clip!
As I went to open the door, there was a delivery boy handing me over a BlogAdda packet with a wooden clip which was stuck on the nose on the face over another paper in the packet. You may call it coincidence, it was just about the time I was going to remove my body odour by having a nice bath in the fresh water that the blogadda packet arrived. Out of curiousity, I tried all the permutations for what the clue might be all about. But yes, one thing was sure, it was something to do with body odour.

But yes, the clue was interesting and since I knew there will be three clues before the surprise is revealed, it was more exciting. The next day, I kept asking at home if there was any more packet. But no, there wasn’t. The next clue finally arrived on Tuesday. But hey, it was a clue to make you clueless. 
The Mysterious Potli
Guess Who Spilt the Beans!
The box contained a small cloth bag, or what we used to call a ‘potli’, and guess what, the potli contained coffee beans. While the first clue made me almost sure about something related to Body odour, the second clue was seemed of no help, but may be I will have it in a coffee mug sometime. The frangrance of coffee beans makes me feel, a great coffee lies within. Then, I just tried googling anylink between coffee beans and body odour and bingo, coffee beans are a great source to stimulate body to oppose the odour.

Protect yourself from All the Bad Air!
The detective within me was getting more excited to receive the third and final clue. And yeah, when I received it, I could not stop laughing. It was an air mask and believe me, with the kind of sweaty journeys Metro makes me undergo, this is the only way out. But all this made me conclude that a new product to eliminate body odour is on its way, but the way its being unleashed is surely something new and exciting.

I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #sniffsniff at BlogAdda. Lets’ see if Sherlock Simar Holmes was successful in his first case.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

IGP makes my Day!

While I was just browsing through the web of the Internet, I came across a new site on the block: IndianGiftsPortal. As you would guess it, the site offers a wide variety of the gifts, which it delivers to the location you can even think of. I just thought to try out the website for sending across a gift back home on Fathers’ Day.

The website has a nice interface and easy-to-explore design. While the search started from the Gifts for Fathers, I noticed that it has a wide variety of personalized gifts including mugs, tees, photo frames and cushions, all bearing touching themes and designs that promise to warm the recipient’s heart. The portal has also come up with a nice mobile app and then I used the device in hand to complete my order.

Welcome Screen on the Mobile App
As you open the app, the range of occasions to send gifts opens up. The gifts are very well sorted in these categories, but to choose the best amongst the best, you obviously need to browse across the categories. And that’s what I did. I was looking for a product that can be used as a part of our lives. 

The Site through the Mobile App
The Gift I zeroed on
Finally, I stuck on a beautiful wall clock which allowed me personalization and I could actually put up my family photo in it.

Personalization Page
Now when the product was all finalized, the checkout process had to start and believe me, the whole process ended in 3 minutes after I had zeroed in on the product. The photo upload part was smooth, payment process was even more smoother. Although when you are spending some money of your pockets, you would hope that the payment process is a little slow so that you have a little more time to think upon your final choice. But jokes apart, the process sails you smoothly and you don’t have to worry about the failed payments.

Even though I was a bit late on my order and a bit more late on providing a better resolution picture for the product, the personalized product got delivered right before the Father’s Day. So, the delivery process was even more smoother. And as I write the post, I have received the picture of the clock already beautifying the wall in my parents’ room.

The Wall Clock beautifying the Wall @ Home
Cheers to IGP team for such a nice product. IGP is surely going to be my choice for gifts next time as well. May be you can give it a try too. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Life seems so Much Lodgykal!

While the world was busy with the talks of #MaggiBan, #DelhiMinisters, #FallingSensex, I was having a tiring May in Office this year and thanks to the sleepless nights (or if I put it better, ‘nights with less sleep’), I am planning to go on a vacation.

The traveler in me has been on a hibernation mode, since last time I had a break-from-work vacation was in December 2013 in the north-eastern parts of the country. Travelling is always fun when the things that make you happy are with you. First and foremost thing for me while planning for a vacation is getting the plans of our gang of friends. 
Gang of Friends
No vacation is good unless you have the crazy friends by your side. It generally gets difficult to get the plans of 4 friends, working in different companies, in sync but as they say where there’s a will, theres a way. 

Simar 'the Photographer'
Also, the photographer Simar refuses to take a backseat whenever I am on vacation mode. I often prefer spending time in the lap of nature and no wonder, photography comes naturally in the natural atmosphere. So, a DSLR camera to capture the cherishable moments is a must in my luggage bag.

Further, whenever into a long vacation, I need to have my laptop with me, and no, not for any official reasons, but since I need it to vacate the space in DSLR’s memory card and to share the pictures.

As opposed to my friends, I am an early riser and hence, a pair of running/ jogging shoes is what I require to go for jog in the morning. I like talking to the nature and morning is the best time for the conversation.  

Staple Food on Vacation - Maggi
Whenever going on any trip, one thing Punjabis can never forget about is the food for the journey. Whether it is a 2-3 hours journey or it is a day long road trip, we carry loads of matthi achaar, namkeen, fruits etc. Whatever be the apetite of the fellow travelers, he food we carry always wins the competition on what lasts longer. Earlier, our staple food, Maggi used to top the charts for the journey food, but thanks to the Ban now, you are bound to miss it.

All this makes my vacation packing complete and one thing I figure out now is that my luggage is heavy to the core now. However, one more thing that is certainly true in majority of cases is that while we love planning and packing, we really hate to pick our heavy bags in the excitement of the enjoying the place. But while I was searching for a nice getaway to spend some leisure time, I came across Renault Lodgy, a perfect fit into my travel plans. 

It has a comfortable 7-8 seat configuration which perfectly suits our gang of four. Further, since every seat seems to offer similar comfort and legspace, we won’t have to fight within ourselves for our preferable seats. An open storage above the glove box and conveniently placed cup holders and flight trays take care of enabling us to enjoy our journey food. It also offers me a 12V charging socket in all the rows and am never away from twitter and FB owing to low battery.

And to top it up, it has a mediaNAV console with chrome surround which allows me to play my fav songs from the USB drive all the way. The journey never gets dull, even when you are waiting in a queue on a Toll plaza. 

So, before my vacation plan finalizes, my partner in the vacation seems already finalized. And with so many features to flaunt with, life seems so much Lodgykal with Renault Lodgy.

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.