Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh!!

Hi Friends!!
Today is the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, and on this occassion, I just thought to share a powerpoint presentation made by me about Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of the real heroes on Indian Struggle of Independence. You can download the presentation file from

I think it is high time to spread the word as the real heroes of the country are getting forgotten by the country's youth especially. Do forward the presentation to all your friends and relatives and make them aware of some glimpses of life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

Inquilab Zindabad.

P.S. Just didn't get a better ending to this post than through the slogan popularised by Shaheed Bhagat Singh. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Days Continue to be Busy!!

Hi Friends!!
Just like my last post, I expect this post of mine too dedicated towards my office experiences as the office work is not leaving me enough time for getting involved in something else. I had thought of watching some new movie this Sunday but all my plans came to an end when I was told by my principal that we would have to work on Sunday as well. And while I was at home from office, I just thought to make the best of the rest of the day and give some relaxation to my body, something my body had been really dying to have in the last couple of weeks. :)
The last few days of the month have been really busy for me, especially because of the due date for filing of returns for the assessees requiring audit is approaching and the assessees are just getting off from their sleep in fear of getting hefty penalty under the Income Tax Act. 

The clients have really been late this time, but I suppose it would have been easier this time had there been no power cuts in the city during the peak office hours. 5-6 productive hours of a day are not made use of, due to the power cuts and well, there is no alternative available for us. What else can we do other than doing some overtime?
However, in the midst of these days, I am trying my best to make the most of this high learning time.

Anyways, as the end of the month is approaching and the audits are getting on the verge of completion, it gives huge sigh of relief to us.  

Well, I wrote this post last night but I was not able to post it due to some technical failure at So, I had just saved it to be republished later on. So, presently blogging from, in fact just republishing from office. 

Anyways friends, have good amount of work before me, so bye for now. Would meet you soon, most probably at the month end.

Till then, take care. God Bless All.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Knowledge Enriching Experiences with Busy Days @ Office!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you?? It has been once again a long time before I am back here to share my life with you. In the last few days, my days at the office have really been busy with some of the audits trying to test all my knowledge before the final accounts and the audit report gets finalised. I finished up two such audits today itself. So, it was a kind of victory day for me as well as our Indian Cricket team which won a One-Dayer against New Zealand in Colombo.

When I made my last post, I got along a very nice feeling on the next day while I met the Vice President of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji. He was into our city for a Seminar for CA Professionals and CA Students on Accounting Standards - a topic which has always caught my interest. While just attending the seminar and enriching my knowledge was making me feel nice, I also happened to get replies to some of my curiousities regarding Accounting Standards and also gave a couple of replies when Mr. Vice President sent some questions to students. Overall, it was a nice knowledge enriching session during the seminar and just when it ended, Chopra Ji came near me and passed me a compliment. I felt great that time. :)

Before that seminar ended, we were also informed of the next seminar on Service Tax & VAT which was around 4 days after. While I was coming out of the seminar hall, I was just thinking of whether I would get permission to attend that seminar or not because the timings just clashed with my office timings. I somehow managed to get permission for that too. Mr. J. K. Mittal, a renowned speaker on the subject from Delhi, updated us on the latest amendments in the Service Tax made by Budget 2009. It was another good seminar to attend and the second half of the seminar saw the topic of Refunds in Punjab VAT by CA Ashok Bhatia. While it could be an interesting topic, I personally could not get enjoy much of that speech as I suppose the lack of much practical knowledge in VAT Refund Procedures was the reason. Anyhow, the seminar surely added something to my knowledge.

The month of September, as expected, had been pretty busy due to work pressure in the office. The work pressure in office is expected to increase more so in the later half of the month, just because the accountants have been busy finalising the books of accounts while fighting with the long power cuts.

I also got an opportunity to experience something new in my professional field, the details of which may find a place in my next post, because I just started working on it yesterday.

So, while this post is dedicated to some pretty nice experiences regarding my professional life I came across in the last couple of weeks, I do wish that my learning process goes on.

More on my life and the latest assignment I have handling to come in the posts to come.