Sunday, April 26, 2009

Preity V/s Shilpa!!

Hi Friends!!
A long week goes by peacefully, with a bit of excitement, a bit of surprises and a pinch of tiredness as well all the week which was eventually put off today after I returned back home from college after my Income Tax Viva Voce.
The week was a great excitememnt, thankfully to Indian Premier League majorly. My home team started off badly but that bad start could be attributed to the Rain God which spoiled the fun. But the week saw some great matches and it also made me a great fan of Shane Warne's captaincy as well. Who else would dare to put youngster Kamran Khan into the final decisive over against Sourav Ganguly who needed just 7 runs off 6 balls and still would get the match into a tie? But Shane, I would be on your opposite side for the sake of my home team, for the rest of the matches, you can surely count me as your supporter.
Two of my exams also went off between my last post and today and well, they went good from my perspective, don't know what the examiners' is. :P And today was my Income Tax Viva Voce, which was finished off pretty sooner for me as I was the first roll number of the class. :) The thing that made me more happy was that the whole class just shared some great moments of our college life along with some kahi ankahi baatein with each other and we were just reliving the moments after our viva as there were no security guards to tell us to be silent in the campus as usual. After I was home from college, it was a relaxing day for me while I viewed 'Fashion' at Colors in the day.
Well, right now, I have just finished up with one of the matches with Delhi Daredevils team winning up and K.P. (Kevin Pieterson) once again ending up on losing side. And as the title of the post suggests, I am waiting for a great encounter between Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty's teams and as I said earlier too, you can surely expect me to support Kings XI Punjab.

Friday, April 17, 2009

IPL Kicks Off Tomorrow!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you all? I am here again after a couple of my exams. One of the exams didn't go that good for me owing more to my silly mistake and the second one went great because the questions were simply demanding a general knowledge of e-commerce and computers mostly out of the textbook ;) but I don't know how much my general knowledge matches with the examiners.' ;-)
Also, a day before yesterday, I got to know that one of my exams got postponed due to elections and that exam of mine now stands shifted to 03.05.09. :(
Anyways, what is exciting for me today is that IPL (Indian Premier League) Season 2 is kicking off tomorrow and am really excited to enjoy that. I hope it really gives us more fun than that it gave us last time. I will still be cheering for my home team, Kings XI Punjab even though it is being ranked as a team who will be giving relatively lesser competition this year. Yuvi and team, dhoom macha de.
Don't have much to share with you this time but I hope next time I post something, I would have some IPL masala and something more exciting. But for now, I wait for IPL. :) and by the way, do comment with which team are you cheering for? ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

India is a Secular State!! :-)

Hi Friends!! After a couple of my exams pass away peacefully and leaving me with a happy face while coming out of the exam hall, I am back again to my very own blog.
Between my last blog and today, I saw some shoe throwing practice by one of the journalists towards our very own Home Minister and a person whom I admire a lot due to some great reforms in Indian Financial Sturucture, Mr. P. Chidambaram. Although the whole incident was termed as an emotional outcome, it really made me think over a highly sensitive matter of religion-based divide in the country, a propoganda which political parties use as and when it suits them without even caring for what its outcome could be. So, I just wrote few lines to let all get reminded that quoting the words of the Preamble to our Constitution of India, India is a Sovereign, Socialist, SECULAR, Democratic and Republican State. This has been really my first attempt towards any general issue and I hope you like these.
Kahin hai Jesus toh Kahin hai Raam,
Kahin Hai Nanak Kahin Ali Ka Naam..
Btaya humko tha kisine bachpan ki ik shaam,
kehne ko sab alag hai lekin sabka ek hai kaam..
Sabhi sikha gye hain humko sabse karna pyaar,
na rakhna kisi se bair tum na karna atyachaar..
is dunia ki bheed mein hum jaise kayi hazaar,
kar sako toh kalyug mein karna tum sach ka karobaar..
dharm ke thekedaaron ne ki dharti khoon se geeli,
is dangon ki holi mein gujarat bachaa na dilli..
Swarn Mandir mein fauj ho ya akshardham mein goli,
mera seena na karo chhalni yeh bharat mata boli..
bhul chuke toh sunlo sab khol ke apne kaan,
hindu muslim sikh isayi akhir hain toh sab insaan..
hum us desh k vaasi hai jahan sab hai ek samaan,
is samajik ekta ki toh ustat kare jahaan..

Proud to be a Secular Indian. Are you??

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Friendship is God's Gift. Do You Agree?

Hi Friends, How are you all? It has been a week since I posted at my blog, the longest since the very start of this blog. But as I had shared with you all, my graduation final exams are going on. One of my exams have already gone and the second one is tomorrow. For any of you who would be interested to know how it went, it really went good.
Last night, I was just relaxing in my bed and just could not find any better thing to watch on idiot box. Coming online didn't offer me any good incentive as none of my friends were online. So, after a long time, I just wrote a couple of lines and I am just gonna share it with you all :
Aaj tanha baitha toh kuch soch raha tha main,
pyar aur dosti mein koi fark dhund rha tha main..
pyar ka kissa aksar rehta q hai adhura,
isi kashmakash mein faske majbur ho rha tha main..
log aksar pyar aur dosti ko ek tarazu mein tolte hai,
zyadatar pyar ko khuda ki bakshish bolte hain..
jaane q sabhi yeh baat bhul jaate hain,
sirf dost k aage hum dil k darwaze kholte hain..
khuda ne dost ko dost se milaya,
sachai se bhara ek rishta hai banaya..
par kehte hain dosti rahegi usi ki kaayam,
jisne dosti ko dil se nibhaya..
pyar ka hai aksar hota adhura anjam,
dosti mein na aaye kabhi dhalti huyi sham..
meri zindagi ko rangeen bnaya tumne,
ae dost teri dosti ko salaam..

I dedicate these lines to all my friends and I hope you would like it.
And for some of my friends who don't understand Hindi, I just tried to get the better one out of love and friendship through these lines.
Now, I am just going to log out. Bye to all and just like my last post, once again, I have an exam tomorrow so wish me luck.