Thursday, May 28, 2009

Appeal for Peace!!

Hi Friends!!
Continuing my last post regarding the disturbances in Punjab, I wrote a few lines on the issue and would like to share the same with you all. I hope you all with agree with my thought.
Ravivar ki sham se chala,
na tham ska toofan yeh ab tak..
ek prashan ka uttar main dhundu,
Punjab ki gati ruke hai kab tak..
Mahapurushon ki maut ka rosh,
aur umda jan sailaab hai..
aag chahe jahan b lagi,
sulag toh raha Punjab hai..
thaamo yeh toofan yeh aandhi,
Punjab maange kuch shanti hai..
Punjab ne sahe hai kayi zakhm aise,
yeh mitti fir se jeena jaanti hai..

With these few lines by me, I appeal for peace in Punjab. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Burning Punjab!!

Hi All!!
The above title to all may seem like a pure filmi dialogue but that's what we are witnessing in Punjab since Sunday. Shops are being ransacked, trains are being burnt, highways are being jammed and what not is beiung done to protest against the communal clash in a Gurdwara at Vienna (Austria) and eventual death of the Saint Baba Ramanand Ji, Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Jalandhar (Punjab). The followers of the Dera who are among the followers of the Bhagat Ravidas Ji, said to be around 14-15 Lacs in the Punjab territory have been on the road against the said incident, putting Punjab into flames and getting all the life in Punjab to a standstill. Financial organisations like Banks, business places, educational institutes are closed. Curfew in some of the cities in Punjab has also been imposed. Trains to the state have been cancelled. What all we are witnessing over here in Punjab can be said to be an extreme emotional outcome.

However, without any disregard to the Dera followers, I wish to express my opinion on such protests. It can be understood that they are very much angry upon the death of their religious leader but it must also be understood that spreading violence is not a proper way to protest against the same. Atleast public property must not be destroyed, and nor should be the private property even. There are some peaceful ways to protest too. What I understand from these protests is that these protests are against the Govt. and not against any other community as most of the property being destroyed is the public property and the people are annoyed with the Govt. for not taking immidiete actions for the enquiry of the incident. But still, they must understand that the dimplomatic efforts take their own time.

Also, continuing with my habit of looking into the brighter sides of the things, what I am seeing that this incident also saw the Dera followers all over the state getting united in one go, though not for a good reason. I request all of them that please do remain united and involve in peaceful protests only. Putting the buses and trains into the flames is not going to bring any solution.

Penning down my opinion may have hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings and if such thing be, kindly excuse me for the same.

And for now, I just wish to tune into the TV for more of the news from the state. May this fire extinguish soon!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

IPL Concludes Today!!

Hi Friends!!
After a couple of busy sundays for me, today's was a bit relaxing one. The week gone by gave was a really tiring and lazy too. As I was reading today's newpapers, Amritsar is the hottest city these days and well, I totally agree with that. Really, coming home from office at lunch time, which comes out to be just half a minutes' ride on M/cycle, has been getting hard for me. However, right now, there is some wind blowing outside and the weather is cool out here and I hope it remains so in the coming days as well.
Week gone by has not given me any new happenings into my life and it was as usualy busy with my training. But yes, I finished off my first tax audit assignment for this year at the office.
Well, today is the Grand Finale of Indian Premier League Season 2, a bit unexpected one though but I expect a good contest in the ground. I bet on the Deccan Chargers with Gilly, Symonds & Rohit in there in the batting and RP Singh & Pragyan Ojha in the bowling front. And I just remind myself that the match is about to start.
So, right now, I just got to logout from my account, switch off the pc and get in the front of TV watching the IPL Finals. Sayonara :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Elections & IPL Made My Days Exciting!!

Hello Friends!!
How are you all doing? Though today's day has been going really going very much peaceful and relaxing for me, last few days' have been really exciting for me, and some days went a bit tiring too for me at the office.
As I shared with you all in my last post, I exercised my right to vote for the first time on May 13. It was an off from the office due to the elections and I had planned to relax the whole day. However, it is often a case with me that a free day is often hard to spend for me. Then, a couple of days at the office were asking for an overtime from me as one of the audit assignments had to be completed by the week and well, as the time passed by, the work got completed.
The day of Saturday was a day of excitement of me, though a nervous day for the candidates who had contested in the electoral process of the biggest democracy of the World. Eventually, as the day ended, the verdict stood clear in the favour of Indian National Congress and well, what I wished for got true as well. Now, I can expect a good financial team for the country in the coming days, probably the best in my opinion to cope up with the financial and economic crisis in the world.
Sunday came up with a crucial match for the Kings XI Punjab team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a match that was supposed to be a crunchy and hard-to-win game looking at the batting line up of the Deccan Chargers team. It was a must win game for the Punjab team to qualify for the Semis. A match which had all the excitement and yes, eventually Punjab stole the win from Deccan by 1 run. Team's co-owner Preity Zinta, the bubbly of the Bollywood, was excited as well as thrilled by the team's win and so was I.
Hoping for some more exciting time in the coming days, I sign out from here now. God Bless All! :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Punjab Goes to Polls Tomorrow!!

Hi Friends!!
How are you all? Sitting on the chair and penning down a post for my blog while I watch Fashion on TV and IPL match between Mumbai & Punjab seems to be a good combo. Though right now, match is not giving me any exciting moment as Punjab team has set a pretty low target, although the last time these teams met, target was the same and Punjab won in an exciting match. So, praying that Sachin does not score much thi stime and so do his teammates, I wish that history repeats itself.

So, while the match is going out of Punjab's hands, I swap the channel to Fashion. Really don't have any choice at a tiring day's end.

So, while my life is going through a no excitement zone these days, tomorrow is a day when Simar will vote for the first time. Last phase for the elections is tomorrow and my city goes into polls too, and well, as that Jaago Re ad conveys, I don't intend to sleep tomorrow and vote for sure.

The whole Punjab goes to vote tomorrow and so do I!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!

Hi Friends!!
I was expecting that after my exams end, I would be at some ease with my schedules but for some reaosn or the other, I have been busy. Just look how busy I was, I had written a post to share with you on May 3, 2009 and just couldn't publish it up. :P I published it today itself but read it with a feeling as if it as a May 3rd post. ;)
IPL is getting exciting day by day with no real contendors for the top spot, though Kolkata Knight Riders are moving a great deal towards getting on the top of the table if the points table turns upside down. Don't take it personally, in case any KKR fan is reading it. :P But yes, I am enjoying the IPL fun and it is really giving me some anxious moments as well. Still cheering for my home team, Kings XI Punjab.
Just as IPL is giving me some great excitemnts, for a different reason, yesterday night was some more excitement for me and my brother. Today's my parents' 25th Anniversry and we brothers thought of some surprise in the night. We had planned to decorate the drawing room and wish them while the clock strikes 12. But we didn't want to give a pinch of the our plans to them. Tiptoeing from our bedroom where the decoration material was hid by us and the drawing room was a hard exercise for us. Airing balloons after a long time and we were just feeling a bit lighter than before. ;) We both were just enjoying enjoying every bit of that time as the decoration era was a hisotry for us, we hadn't done it for along time. :)
Finally, we did it and the room got deccorated nicely, adding to our delight. That family celebration ended up nicely and I enjoyed eating the mango slice on the Anniversry cake. :D

A Happy Sunday!!

Hi Friends!!
I am back to my blog after a relatively longer period of time, simply because I could not find myself with enough time to be online. The week went a bit busy, no major reasosn though. ;)
First of all, I had my last exam of my graduation which had been earlier postponed after a week of holidays and that too on a Sunday. So, simply I was not really getting a feel of an exam while going to college for giving the exam. :P Paper was a bit unexpected though, the paper setters diverted from the paper style in the question. However, the exam goes smoothly and my graduation exams end.
After the exam, I had to go to one of my friends' birthday party. Had a great time there because meeting friends in a relaxed mood, out of the exam's worries really set the tone for the day.
That Sunday had got some more for me and in the night, I got the information that my poem on Secularism (Read it at had gone for publishing in Dainik Bhaskar's State Edition. It hasn't yet been published though but will be in the print soon.
Be on a lookout for my poem in Dainik Bhaskar. ;)