Friday, September 12, 2014

Game of Blogs : Story Weavers

Team Name : Story Weavers

Breaking news for not so good a morning, terror strikes the National Capital. New Delhi Railway Station witnesses the highest casualities.

Shekhar switches his TV on early in the morning to practice Yoga and the breaking news catches his attention. Amidst the serenity of the morning, the ringtone on his wife's mobile breaks the silence of an otherwise quiet morning. Since the call is from office, Tara takes no time to get up and answer it.

"Morning, Sir." …. "Oh my God!"….. "Yes, Sir."…. "Right away"… "Certainly, Sir."… "Good Day, Sir." That’s all Shekhar could hear while Tara seemed uneasy, being awake early in the morning after the late night news report she had to broadcast.

"What happened, Tara?" asked Shekhar.

"Nothing, I need to report to Delhi studio to cover the terror attack and the worst part is that I have a flight to catch in next 2 hours." Tara uttered while rushing to get fresh.

"What? Are you going to New Delhi? and who's gonna receive Roohi from CST? She's returning today after a long school trip in Delhi" And it was a horrifying silence. "One sec! Roohi is coming back from New Delhi, Tara call her up. I hope she's fine…."

"I know you can manage that. Let me get ready and leave for the Airport." Before Shekhar says 'OK', Tara is already gone. Shekhar is trying to call Roohi's teacher who was travelling with the whole group and the phone is not reachable. Sadly, the terrorist attack timings matches with the departure time of Roohi's train.

Anxious about his little angel, Shekhar tries to gather all the information that is available on the idiot box. 240 dead… hundreds injured.. a train taken hostage by the terrorists.. all trains diverted from New Delhi.. This was all he could gather from different news channels.

"Wait, I am coming along. Roohi needs us... Oh my lil' daughter!"

Tara was surprised. "Oh, com'on! she will be OK. Don’t act like a child." But the father in Shekhar was not willing to listen to all this. All he wanted to listen to Roohi's sweet voice. Tara was unwilling to take Shekhar with him, but the father in him was not in a mood to listen.

An anxious father and the workaholic journalist were ready to leave home in no time. Shekhar's attempts to connect to Roohi's teacher go all in vain. "Ganpati Bappa, she should be safe." he was uttering this all this while.

Read the next part of the story here.

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  1. Wohooo! We're finally rolling! Good start Simar :)

  2. Great start to a thrilling story, though I wonder what Shekhar was doing turning on the "idiot box" (as you say) when practicing yoga of all things! ;)

    1. elly, Shekhar used to practice Yoga daily watching the early morning yoga shows on the 'idiot box'. ;)

  3. Love the Blog's name and it sure depicts u :) simple and touching way to begin