Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Long Wait for the Monsoon Finally Ends!! It Seems Like That :P

Hi All!!
Once again, ut has been a long time since our last interaction but it has really been pretty busy time for me, for the office work due to Income Tax Returns has been keeping me quite busy. And I expect a couple of more busy days as the due date of filing of Income Tax Returns for non-audit assessees is approaching. As it had been quite a time, I just managed to find (I should say 'steal') some time to update my blog. I am using the word 'steal' as I am still having some returns in hand to preapre.
Finally, the monsoon has arrived into our state and the temperatures are showing a downslide, though I still don't know that a rain of couple of days can be termed as 'The Arrival of Monsoon.' A meteorological can better do that job for me. Whatever we term that into, I am still enjoying the pouring raindrops and the cool breeze.
It has been quite a good time for me in the meanwhile. As I shared with you all in my last post, I went for a small vacation for 2 days to my nanke (Mom's maternal home) along with my mother. It was a great 2-day leave from the office and a good enjoyable time for me out there. Plus, it served as a deviation from my daily routine and hectic schedule.
Further, in the weekend, I happened to watch a play 'Kuch Baatein... aur Tuchh Raatein" in the city. I got the invitation by virtue of one of my friends who was a part of the acting team. :) My brother was also on weekend tour to home and we went to watch the play for celebrating our weekend. The play was nice and it managed to touch some sensitive issues in the society with great dialogues.
And well, one of the reasons mainly contributing to not letting me update my blog for around 2 weeks was that my computer was annoyed with me and hence, the windows refused to start up. :( I had to wait for a free Sunday to repair my PC Operating System as weekdays don't leave me with much free time to do that. What more to ask for, the day came and I formatted my PC and while I was reinstalling Windows on my PC, I just could not get the Windows XP Serial Key. A number of calls and SMSs to friends finally helped me get the serial key after an hour or so. But at last, my computer is once again fine now.
Friends, I suppose I should sign off from here now and get back to work.
Sayonara. God Bless.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where's Monsoon?? Nothing Official About It!!

Hi Friends!!
I have been writing most of my posts on a Sunday but this time, its a day earlier, a happy reason for it and a reason to cheer about. I am going on a small 2 day vacation to my Mamaji's house in Ludhiana. If you are thinking that a 2-day vacation is bit short, ya it is but I could not have afforded a longer holiday from office, nor could I have had a holiday later this month or in the months to come due to audits coming up till September. So, just thought to write this week's brief before I leave tomorrow morning.

The week started off its Day 1 with the India's Finance Budget and well, now when we understand some provisions of the Income Tax Act and other tax statutes, it was a good experience to interpret the Finance Minister's speech to know what changes he actually meant. For me, it is a good budget in a bad world economy. Moreover, it got some good and some not so good changes which we have been reading the whole week to decipher what Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, our FM has tried to enact.

The week gone has been pretty much relaxed at the office while I completed most of the tasks in hand comfortably. It got a bit tensing for me when one of the important documents got punched by me into the wrong file and I had a bad day searching for it all day. No good luck there and I had to recreate that whole document. :( It took me a whole long day.

But the most important thing not happening this week has been the rains and the monsoons. Indian Meteorological Dept has been saying that monsoon has spread all over the country but if they happen to read this post, can they post something official on it? Monsoons seem nowhere in Punjab, particularly Amritsar and that's why I chose the title for this post. There's nothing official about it. But still a hope, monsoons will come soon.

And frenz, got to catch a train at 7 morning. So, have to get up a bit early.
Good Night!! God Bless!! :-z

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Busy Yet So Relaxing Week!!

Hi All!!
I could not find any better title than this one as it really depicts the week gone by for me. Busy because of my daily schedule. 6 hours at office and a couple of hours in classes not including a couple of hours spent waiting for the classes to start though.

I would still term the week as a relaxing one, the primary reason being it gave a bit of relief from the heat wave in the city through the pre-monsoon rains, though we are still waiting for some more rain since that day, even when the meteorological scientists say that monsoon has already spread over the country - I don't think so.

It was after a pretty long time that I watched some new movies after stealing time for it. I followed Winston Churchil's quote for it, "If you don't have night in the day, steal it from night." :-)

New York movie starring John Abraham, Katrina Kaif & Neil Nitin Mukesh was good, a great one in fact for me. I liked the story line, though I would have preferred Katrina not dying and marrying Neil in the climax. John particularly has done a great job, not ignoring Katrina & Neil's performances but after the movie, I have a question for Mr. Irfan Khan, "Why does he always end up in a role interrogating someone, first in Slumdog and now in New York?" ;-P

Second one I watched in the week was Kambakht Ishq. The story line was not good, but Akshay and Kareena manage to give me some entertainment. I give New York higher ratings than Kambakht Ishq for sure, both for the story line as well as the music. 

Right now, I am watching IIFA Awards and well, it has been a good show so far watching so many nice performances and nice comparing by Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh & Boman Irani. The award show seems to be finishing up as the Best Director award has already been announced and am planning to fly off to my land of dreams after then. 

Sayonara :-z