Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rediscovering my Passion for Blogging!!

I had been a blogger 3 years back and since then, the blogger within me had been on hibernation. Life had changed a lot since then, and there had been a lots of happenings in my life, which were worth sharing on my blog, but still possibly, a lazy animal within me had took over the ‘blogger’ thing within me.

But what you say, destiny or something else, the blogger had to get alive. Getting little filmy, ‘jab tum kisi cheez ko poori shiddat k saath chaaho toh saari kaynaat tumhein use milane mein jut jaati hai.’ In a crowded inbox, last Thursday, I happened to see an Indiblogger mail with an invitation for #HPInkAdvantage Indiblogger meet to be held on Saturday. I had heard a lot good about fun, masti and interactions at IndiBlogger meets. So, being free on the day, I had to attend that. But to my dismay, I got a Seats Full message at the registration page. However, the event was still 2 days away, and the Optimistic Simar kept hoping for someone opting out and grabbing that seat. Fortunately, on the Saturday morning, I saw two seats for the event and quickly grabbed the chance.

When I reached the venue, I saw few tables and chairs lined up for a wonderful gathering it was waiting for. I was one of the firsts to enter in the hall and login. Quite impressed with all the management and decorum, I was really excited making my debut at Indiblogger meets. I had Prashant and Sudeep sharing table with me, being alone and a debutant, the duo really made me feel comfortable and nice. Prashant shared his earlier experiences of blogger meets, and all this got us more curious for the times ahead.

And here it goes. The meet started off with a chhotu guy, getting a pair of speakers, just for being the sabse chhotu :P and mind it, he was really really chhotu, just 1.5 years old. At that moment, I was just singing the song,”Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.“ Agli baar, sabse chhotu award toh fir apna hi hai. J

The next award was for the largest family attending the meet. I kept wondering, why they need to ask that question, since each one of us qualified for that award. Each one of us was from the Indiblogger family. But well, I was not heard of during the judgement process. Ek aur award reh gea. :P

A couple of more awards and then came up the Number game. Choosing a number from 1-11 and getting the prize meant for it in the sheet with the Master of Ceremony. Fir se bad luck, whichever number we chose, somebody else got a chance to speak it and well, prize  fir se nahi mila koi. Nevertheless, the fun on trying to get a chance to speak the number was the ultimate one. Zindagi k tensions gayi bhaad mein, number bolte raho bas. :o

The Number game was succeeded by the singing part. I just thought, are we supposed to be in an audition for Indian Idol Junior, but discovered later, Indian Idol Juniors sang much better than us. Anyways, the fun quotient was higher here. We were divided into four groups on the basis of our seating and we had to choose an animal making noise for our group in the song ‘Old McDonalds hada farm, yaya yaya yaay.. We chose Zebra and discovered ‘Zebras make boo boo noise.’ We had lions behind us, who were really roaring, giraffes sitting diagonally to us and were silent. We didn’t like silent animals and hence, we ordered the chickens to dethrone Giraffes and take their places. Chickens really made a Kuckoo noise, but while singing the song, we all thought the chickens had got roasted since they were the most silent group. After the chickens, it was puppies group and puppies got the loudest, 2 mics helped them. :p

After the McDonalds song, here it came ’30 Seconds to Fame.’ We were told that we had to introduce ourselves to the fellow bloggers in the meet. From previous blogger meet posts I had gone through earlier, I had known that not everyone gets a chance in it. The Introvert and sleeping-blogger Simar just kept hoping, mera naam na aaye. And yeh lo, bomb blast, 3rd name was mine. Well, had to follow rules of the game. Introduced myself before the fellow bloggers, confessed that the blogger was on sleep mode and also promised that kumbhkaran nind se jaldi jaagega. However, it was again good to know about the fellow attendees at the meet. I got to know the book reviewers (Manjulika), movie reviewers (Mansi, Murtaza), Tech Bloggers (Prashant), Mommy Bloggers (Naam nahi yaad, apologies), Photo Bloggers (Kriti), Pro Bloggers (Passey Sir) etc. etc.

In a further series of events, the sponsor HP took up the stage and introduced their new product, the HP Ink Advantage printer. While we were attending an amazing meet, the printer was equally amazing. The lovely lady from HP showed us the features of it, and we were quite amazed with the quality of printing and going by HP claims, the economy of printing. We were also introduced for the funnnnnnn part of the meet, the B’day Party.

We were asked to be in a group of 15 and we had to plan a B’day party with a pre-decided theme. We were being given around 30 minutes to plan a B’day party. We were asked to give our group a name and guess what, I proposed our group to be named, Zebra ka Debra. Humne ek baar agar zebra ko pakad lia, uske baad hum zebra ki b nahi sunte.  The group liked it and well, that was our official name. J We really took Shahrukh Khan kinda dialogue seriously that ‘Yeh 30 minute tumhari zindagi k sabse keemti 30 minute honge and inhein tumse koi taaqat nahi cheen sakti. And here we go, the Time starts now. We got the Circus theme. Yeh zindagi ek circus hai aur hum is circus k joker, this was all we thought and started giving shape to our bday party. We were busy filling balloons, making balloon clowns, getting some fotos clicked ourselves being clowns, decorating the table, designing the invite etc. etc. apart from lot many other activities which did not feature ultimately though. The funniest part for us was that we thought we had to do the b’day party as well during those 30 minutes and we ultimately had our party majorly over by the time judgement was to be done.  No worries on which way the results went, it was meant to be enjoyed and each one of us enjoyed it to be fullest. Quoting Kriti here, we had ‘some pure unadulterated fun’.

Zebra ka Debra had taken Vidya Balan quite seriously when she said, Movies 3 vajah se hit hoti hai, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. The fun and entertainment part was the highlight of Zebra ka Debra circus. J

After finishing our part, we also had a look at other groups’ performances. Highly innovative, highly decorated, and highly creative. That are the words I had for them. We had pirates of the carribean celebrating their bday party, we had the little mermaid in a bday party, there was a bday party wherein all the planets had also featured in.

With the announcement of bday party fun time results, we got the return gifts, IndiBlogger Tees and tasty tasty food.

Had entered in the hall akele akele and left the hall with many new friends, new experience, great memories and IndiBlogger tee as well. :p

However, before I sign out, I just want to sing the Race 2 Song,
Meri Pehli Blogger Meet,
jo rahi thi puri hit..
aur crazy quotient b tha fit,
it was fun on our mind.
Mujhe toh teri lat lag gyi, lag gyi.
Zmana kahe lat yeh galat lag gyi.
But Mujhe toh teri lat lag gyi

Already looking forward for the next IndiBlogger meet. J

And yes living up to my promise, the sleeping blogger is back.

P.S. Had no idea to carry a Digicam with me to capture the fun, so could not use any pics in the post. Anybody having the meet pics can surely share the pics, would love to retain those memories. J
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  1. Hey... come on... you're free to use any of the pictures on my post... write to me if you want more.


    Arvind Passey

  2. Did not carry a camera to the event? We fall in the same category!! And now that I look at all the fun meet pictures, I have to settle in with the ones clicked on my Phone! Next time :)

    Like your post. It's amazing to read how each one has something new to write about the same event!!

    Hope the blogger in you is here to stay this time :)


  3. You've got to be kidding me! Itni badi album hai na fb par! Feel free to use those pictures! Now go and quickly edit this post with all the pictures. :D

    Oh, and, welcome back!

    PS: Pure unadulterated fun it was.

    PPS: Bhai keeps saying how you were the funniest and most fun person at the meet. I agree wholeheartedly.

  4. Great post buddy.. u brought back real memories...
    The sabse chotu prize winner and the puppies group got the loudest because of the mics...

    Zebra ka Dabra... ha ha...ek bar naam pakad lia toh kisi ki nahi suni humne... hum apni hi masti mei the..Wat fun we had during the decoration time and that was the best bonding time actually...

    And keep blogging..

  5. Great going, mate... welcome back to the world of blogging!!! :-)