Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Sunday at the Office!!

Hi friends. The title for this post might seem like being inspired from some book  to you but actually the author copied my idea, changed a couple of words and released a book which as you all might know became one of the best sellers in India. ;)
Sunday - often a rest day for me but not this time. Today is March 29 - the last sunday before the yearly closing of the financial year on March 31 which also is the very last date for filing of income tax returns by the assessees without any penalty except the interest for late payment of tax. So, this time, I celebrated my sunday in the office itself.It was ok for me as I had expected such a sunday. And by the way, I surely think there is an urgent need for some legal & financial awakening in the common people's India as usually 30% of the assessees file their return in this last month. Jaago Re India!!
And well, I have got my computer practical for graduation finals in college tomorrow. So, wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boring Week Gone, Tight Schedule Expected Ahead!!

While I am writing this post, I really can't find anything to share with you all. The week has just passed by without any excitement or fun. Tight schedule at the office with last minute returns piling up, a tiring time at home too because the body is just too tired while am at home and I just can't get enough concentration on my subjects but then I just remind myself that B.Com Finals are just a week away and within a month, they will be over too. My practicals are just a couple of days away and no special preparation for it as such.
I expect some more tight schedule during the coming time firstly due to the 31st March financial year ending and then due to my exams and hitting the nail in the coffin, no leave from the office too for the graduation exams except one day before each exam. Last year, it was not an issue because last year, atleast we were surely aware of the syllabus contents but this time, a major chunk of final year graduation was lost thanks to CA exams and articleship - though no regrets for it.
Anyways, I hope I will be able to manage it well.
With these words and a boring post this time, I sign off. ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Articleship Gets 2 Years Old Today!!

While today I complete 2 years of my articleship, there still remains 1 and a half year for the completion of prescribed period of 3 and a half years of articleship. There has been a mixed experience of articleship for me with a major share of my time being a happy one.
March 19, 2007 and March 19, 2009 - Things have changed a lot from then in me, both on the personal as well as professional front. The day I started I still remember, I was very much excited about what kind of work I would be getting. While I had been visiting office to get my papers ready before the start of my articleship, I could see that I would be the sole article there but the very first day at the office, one of the office's clients came with his relative who was also for the same purpose in the office as me. So, it just went good for me.My exams were just two weeks away and I still chose to come to office for a couple of hours upon my initiative so that I could just get a sneak peak into what I have got ahead for me, and yes, those two weeks surely helped me to adjust with the environment in the office.
Not getting much of the on site audits, I was confined more to the office work, which was by no means any lesser. ;) But as the time went by, I was given the opportunity to handle the concurrent audit of one of the largest bank branches in our city, and well, you know what, my first month there was the most important one as it was the annual closing and I had to work a bit overtime too to get the report ready by 3rd of April while the regular date to submit the report remained at 10th of the next month. So, it was a good and learning time keeping with the deadline while I was also getting myself prepared for my 2nd year final exams. The deadline was met :) and then I had a lovely time with the bank audit. And well, another good time happened when we went to BHEL Industrial Valves Plant, Goindwal for its statutory audit in Dec 08 and for the purpose of finalising the quarterly accounts of the Plant.
Although I have had these and many more good and nice experiences to share (rest of these later on), it is also true that sometimes, surely felt that we deserved a little bit of freedom more. :P I But the feeling used to be only temporary as usually the knowledge enriched through articleship compensated many times more.
I thought to write this post in office so While celebrating the day today, a couple of Income Tax returns are lying in front of me to be prepared and yes, after 2 years of articleship training, I surely see a good change in me and I see myself much more organised and disciplined.
And well for people who are still confused what articleship is, it is the name given to practical training imparted under Chartered Accountancy course curriculum.
So, while I prepare some Income Tax returns, I sign out from here, Sayonara.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Weekend This Time!!

Another Sunday was before me, though usually a rest day for me but this time, lots of busyness was expected due to some important functions to be attended.. And it was a busy day indeed.
A marriage function in the morning which went till afternoon was my first function attended on the day. Though I had expected to have a boring stay there as I had not expected anybody from my friend circle to be there, but still I had to go there. However, it turned out to be a much good visit for me as I met one of my schoolmates there after around 3 years or so, though we have had some teli-calls between the periods but we had not met since we left the school. Cherished having a talk with him exploring where our other schoolmates were and just digging some old memories.
In the afternoon, there was a small get-together in our neighbour's house and well, I was to get all the foodstuff arranged for the guests.  It lasted for around 2 hours and all the time, I was busy, no complaints though.

And while I reached back home, I just saw the TV schedule and was delighted to check out the movies on the idiot box. There were Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - one of the movies I love watching to, K3G - another evergreen movie, Race - my legs were pleading to give them some rest, so I thought it better not to got for Race Saanson Ki..,  Jab We Met - saw it last sunday too and then there was Fashion too. Fashion - another gem from Madhur Bhandarkar's pandora box. While I write this post, I am loving seeing PC, Kangana & Mughda Godse on screen and well, right now, Meghna (PC) is coming back to her world - the modelling world and getting all her things she earlier messed up sorted.
So, bye all. Fashion is still going on and I think I will end my day as soon as it goes off.
Another busy week lies before me so got to have a good sleep for a fresh week ahead. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi!!

Holi has not been one of the festivals I have really waited for, and this time was not any different too. And till the morning, only thing happening good for me at Holi this time was an off from the office.
But by the time the day went ahead, I sent some wishes for Holi to my near and dear ones. And while the day was passing off silently, I experienced something very great and would like to share with all of you and I am sure you will also love to see such a Holi.
I went to Golden Temple with family & our relatives from Sirsa in night. First of all, my cousin was to be honoured at Sri Akal Takht Sahib with a computer, the reason being he had won the Chess Championship for Under 7 age group children in Haryana and the computer was presented to him by 9.15 PM and by that time, Paalki Saahib was also ready to go inside the Golden Temple in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji were to be brought for Sukhaasan. Most of you might not be aware of the fact that even Holi is played in Golden Temple too on the Hola Mohalla day (that was today - by the time, the post gets written, it would become yesterday). Just that instead of water, there are room sprays and instead of gulaal, there are rose petals. While the palki sahib was coming from the bridge to the resting place of holy book of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it was seeming like rain was pouring from the sky while there were room freshners being sprayed by all the sangat. A lovely scene for the eyes and a wonderful experience for the soul.  And I just can't get suitable words really to just express how I was feeling at that moment.
We had a DigiCam with us but unluckily, the battery just betrayed us and we could not click any pictures of the scene. And enriching our day more, we got to enter the Golden Temple after the doors were closed for the seva.
Finally, the day has ended but the wait for the next year's Hola Mohalla has already begun. :D
And friends, I didn't get the Anoushka Video yet. The search is on.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekend Bonanza with Page 3, Jab We Met & Filmfare!!

A Sunday is a Sunday after all..  What does it mean for me? It means an off from the office, a day to just connect back to all my friends whom I haven't been able to while I'm busy with my other commitments and some time to just sit back & relax.
I had a great Sunday today because I just relaxed the whole day. :D A free Sunday was what I had been really wanting for since past so many weeks. I happened to see the repeat telecast of 'Oye It's Friday' on NDTV Imagine in the afternoon and really wish to say that it was great, the best part was the performance of Anoushka Shankar there. I am just hunting for the video for the same on the net and if I get that, it would surely be up here for all of you. :)
And well, right now, m just having a feast out here with Page 3, Jab We Met and Filmfare Awards on different channels. So, just having some busy time surfing between the channels in between the advertisements, thankfully the ad timings are good. :D Page 3, the movie I just loved the first time I saw it.. i have had a bit experience of being with the journalists and what I have seen, the movie is a perfect picturisation of it.. Jab We Met, the movie which just gives you a reson to smile.. Just listen to your heart and you'll be happy.. And lastly, Filmfare Awards - most reputed awards along ith Star Screen but then the show is just giving me some nice moments and once again, lots of fun & smile and giving some more reasons to me for stay tuned into Filmfare, Imran & Ranvir are just doing great job there  (",)
And while I enjoy my weekend bonanza, I wish a great week ahead for all of you. And just don't forgot, my search for Anoushka Shankar's performance video will resume tomorrow.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Goodbye College!!

I have been always wanting to write this post since a week but never really could get some free time to recollect treasures of my college life and pen them down but then I thought it important to write them down as I had to express my emotions somewhere and I suppose that's the purpose I made this blog for. Saturday Feb 28 marked the end of my college life officially, and honestly, I am not feeling good for that. Though it means a stepping stone in my life, a step which opens up some more fields for me to explore and some more memories to cherish. May be it would also mean an empty slot in my daily schedule, even though emptiness may not be felt that much due to busyness which my CA training gives me.
Having a look at my schooling days, the life used to be as if those days would not end. But one day, it was time to say goodbye to school and pressing the emotional trigger a bit more, I was asked to say the fairwell message on behalf of my whole batch. But, then there was curiousity in my mind as to what surprises college life has for us as there was lots of talk about the fun college life has. And well, the curiousity was worth it.
College life really gave me some good moments , some great moments and yes, some not that good moments too. I still remember the very first day of my college when we were really lost and not finding where our classes were and then we were scolded by the lecturer because we were late in the class. That day and the present, the time period encloses a very happy period of my life. I suppose college life helped me a great deal to get to where I am today. First year, I was really enjoying the college times, a regular attendant of the lectures usually found his way to the Internet Lab in the college after the college hours. Kamal Sir, thanks to you, my college life got a great start. :D Second Year, there were not so happy times in the class, lots of quarrels usually for the reasons very much avoidable though none of those involved me and outside the class after the lectures, I had got some very good friends and if anybody among them is reading this post, I have enjoyed our times together in college and keep in touch always. and now the final year, I could not attend the college lectures much because of the timings clashing with my CA training due to new rules framed by our Institute. Still, after my CA Inter exams, I had been a bit regular to the college as I thought not to miss the last days of my college life and frame some more good memories to possess my whole life.
Another thing which was really very much great for me that I made some great friends outside my class as well. And another funny thing was that whoever I got friends with had happened to be in his/her final years whether in my first year or the second year. So, with a less than a year time in college together, I used to have some moist eyes at the time of their farewell though the end of our times together in college didn't really mean that our times together really ended and I am still in touch with most of them. Still, thanks to them, their company assured me that I used to be happy even when there were some -ve vibes in the class.
It would have been a great college life but for one incident which really shook our whole class and one of the most enjoying person of our class, Anubhav was just snatched away from us & he now rests in peace and I do always pray for him. I still remember his calls to me which usually I did not pick and then he would just visit my house during the exams to get the important chapters for the exam from me. Had been a nice person for the time we spent together in class and it was really a shocker for us when we heard about his acident.
But then, the life goes on and it will always go on. Miss you brother.
And one thing which I take with me as the college life ends is that whether we are happy or not, the show still goes on and that time does not really come back as it was. Make the best of the PRESENT and don't repent over the things in the past. Following this simple rule will help us mould a bright future for us. That's what I have learnt from my experiences.
Now, just putting a break to the flow of emotions, I bid farewell to the college life with a smile.

Bye DAV. :D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terrorism - Unhealthy for International Sports!!

Today's the day I have started my blog and I really thought to unfold some hidden mysteries of my life. But what happened in Pakistan a few hours ago forced me to share it with all of you.
Sri Lanka's Cricket team which was on a tour of Pakistan was attacked by 12 militants on their way to Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore while they were going to the stadium to continue the test macth. Thanks to the security personnel and bus driver, all the players escaped the scene quickly though a couple had bullets in their bodies too but the wounds weren't any serious.
Cricketers might have escaped safely but it kicks off some really serious questions from my mind. What had happened if instead of shotguns, they had grenades in their hands? The entire team would have blown in a matter of seconds. In a country like Pakistan where militancy is said to develop its roots, security should have been on a high priority. Though a number of terror attacks have happened during the sporting tours, but as far as I can remember, it was the first time sportpersons have been attacked directly by the militants. This could really have an adverse impact on Pak Cricket and I just hope a better future for very much talented Pak Cricketers.
With mixed emotions of attack in Pakistan and India's win in New Zealand, I really had a much satisfying day today. Completed lots of pending jobs in hand today. And most important of all, I just sent my forms for registration to CA Final course.
And yes, while writing this post, I am once again reminding myself that my graduation exams are also approaching. So, got to start study for that too very soon and I hope that the time to start comes really very soon. :P

Mahurat Post!!

Hi All!!
Namaste.. Sat Sri Akal.. Aslaam Waalekum.. Bon Jour.. that's all the starters I know..
Through the blog, I just wish to express myself more freely. Just trying my hands on blogging for the first time but I hope I have a good time out here.
Goodbye for now.

Would be posting something pretty soon. :)