Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will We Be Safe in Our Country Again?

A year past the tragic incident, the question above still gets me into some thought. I had been seeing people protesting in groups after the attacks, lots of talks about the security problems in the country, not leaving out the deteriorating Indo-Pak relations. However, what still remains a prime question for most of us - Are we Safe in our Country Now or more primarily, Will We be Safe in our Country Again?


I have attempted to pen down a few lines about my thoughts on the issue, my first ever attempt in English, which I deem it as my tribute to the victims of Mumbai Attacks.


Cutting blue waters the terrorists came,
Some plans they had to play the terror game.
Launching an attack on Taj and Oberoi,

Killing everyone seemed their sole aim.
Rounds of bullets and smoke everywhere,
The attacking evil gave no signs to spare.
To all of those trapped inside,
The silence of death seemed so near.
It was our commandos' attempt so brave,
They just showed the evil its grave.
Success in salvaging the country's pride,
And all the lives did they save.
A year since Mother India started to bleed,
We seem to have done nothing but just weep.
The wave of terror stands still straight,

Country's people haven't yet got out of sleep.
Is it our loss or terror's gain?
Will we be safe in our country again?
Wake up for the sake of your land,
Let this question not bother us again.
Will there be a safer India anytime,
Will we be safe in our country again?


Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at simardeep88@hotmail.com.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tribute to Mumbai Attacks!!

While I was trying to have some rest this weekend after a hectic week, I saw the news of Bomb Blasts. The terror quotient has been high in India since a long time and I fail to recognise the reason why a country with more than a billion heads is failing to cope up with terror. These days specifically, the news channels had been giving news of life after 26/11. It was a day which shook the whole nation. Its already been a year since the incident but the terror trails don't seem to have not been tracked yet. For many of us, the life has been going on just like always but for those who lost someone dear in these attacks, the life might never be the same.

I just tried writing a few lines on the issue and would like you to share these with you. Following lines are my tribute to the Mumbai Attacks anniversary in a sincere hope that such attacks don't happen again.

Huyi thi kahin goliyon ki baarish,
Aur uthne laga tha udher kuch dhuan.
Kuch gharon mein chhaya sannaatta us din,
toh kayi gharo ke bujhe chirag wahaan.
Salaam un veeron ko jo de gaye jaan apni,
Par hamari suraksha se samjhauta na kia.
Khud jheli goliyan seene pe apne,
par fanse huyon ko azad unhone kia.
Pani ke raste maut leke aye the jo,
Umaut ko unhi ke naam unhone kia.
Hamla kia jo Taj aur Oberoi par achanak,
toh unhone iitt ka jawab pathar se dia.
Ek saal guzar chuka hai us din ko,
par sach mein kya kuch badla hai yahan?
Badla hai mahaul ya badli hai fiza,
badla hai toh bas grah mantri yahan.
Jaago tum aur chuppi apni todo,
Kahin aadat na tumhari ban jaye sona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal k liye,
Jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.
Aao jad se khatm kre is aatank ko,
nai toh humein bhi pad skta hai rona.
Uthao awaz apni na ruko us pal ke liye,
jab tumhein bhi pad jaye koi apna khona.

Disclaimer :- No part of this poem should be copied or published in any form without prior permission. Anyone desirous of doing so can contact me at simardeep88@hotmail.com

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Children's Day Special!!

Hi All!!
First of all, Happy Children's Day to All. We may not be termed as children in the outer world but there always stays a child inside our little heart. Never let that child die inside you.
I have tried to pen down a few lines on something I felt on today's Children's Day. I hope you would like the lines. Do comment about your views on the same. :) 

Bachchon ke pyaare Chacha Nehru,
Lal gulab shervani sang rkhte the..
Unka janamdin bana hai Bal Divas,
Kitna bachon ko woh pyar karte the..
Hanste huye aansu aur roti si hansi,
Is din ki aad mein dhunde hum woh pal..
Jaane kahan rootha baitha hai woh,
Bachpan k dino ka bichhda huya kal..
In yaado se baahar jab main aayu,
Kuch kadve sach peecha na chhode mera..
Kyun hai ling mein bhed yahaan par,
Kyun hota nahi hai idher savera..
Kyun ladke ki chaah hoti hai sabko,
Kyun ab tak hai yahaan ghana andhera..
Ladki ko ghar ki lakshmi hain sab kehte,
Fir usse duniya mein aane ka kyu haq nahi..
Aye nasamjho tum krte ho bhed kyun inmein,
Jab bhagwan ne tai kiya koi farq nahi..
Kadam kadam chla ja rha tha main,
Kuch uljha hua inhin sochon mein..
Chupke se paas aayi mere ik ladki,
Shayad zakhmi inhi kharonchon mein..
Usne pucha tha mujhse kuch aisa,
Jiska nahi koi jawab mere paas..
Rakhta hun usse main aapki kachhehri,
Kya aapko bhi hai is baat ka ehsaas??
Dil mera b kare man behlane ko,
Par koi mera paas hai aaj nahi..
Mujhe bhi de do kuch khilone,
Kya mera bal divas aaj nahi??
Samjhe jo humko sabke barabar,
Aisa aaj ka yeh samaj nahi..
Mujhe bhi de do kuch khilone,
Kya mera bal divas aaj nahi??
Kya aapke paas iska koi jawaab hai??

Monday, November 09, 2009

Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chhodenge!!

Hi All!!
Its been quite a sunny week for me and the life enjoying each bit of it. The week passed by quite exciting for me, with simply no special reasons for it. This week again, I happened to see a couple of Hindi movies. First one was London Dreams, a movie which has great dreams in it. I quite liked the movie and personally, I loved the concept. Music was not the thing that inspired me to see the movie as I thought it to be quite loud comparable to what I like to listen but well, it surely goes with the story in the movie. And well, then it was from London Dreams to Jail for me. :P A commendable job done by the ever-good Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, though I didn't see Konkana this time in Madhur Bhandarkar's movie. I believe that the movie would surely touch your inner soul, just like it touched mine. It has no regular bollywood masala but you don't expect the same from Madhur Bhandarkar either. The movie also convinces me that Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mugdha Godse have a bright future ahead in acting. :D
The title of the post might remind you of the Sholay movie but I hope next time you hear these lines, you remember a few lines written by me. :D Enjoying my Sunday, I was watching Dostana on my TV set yesterday and then, I started penning a couple of lines regarding my views on Friendship (Dosti). I just thought to share those with all of you. Here these are :
Na ho dosti agar is dunia mein,
toh yeh dunia hamein jhoothi si lage,

Na ho dosti ka hansi mazak jo kahin,

toh zindagi kuch roothi si lage..

Ik dosti ke bal pe hum dunia sakte hain jeet,

zindagani mein is dosti k sang dil k gayein geet..

Rkhna na gila koi sath doston ke kabhi,

yeh sab toh hote hain man ke meet..

Dosti se nek rishta nai hum koi jante,

is rishte ki dor hum dil se hai bandhte..

Dosti ka rishta hi sbse pyara hota hai,

is rishte ke sang na koi bhi rota hai..

Hmari b Dosti ka rang kbhi fika padega nahi,

aise dil ko tumhare hum rang jayenge..

Likhvana chaho toh chahe likhva lo kahin,

Yeh vada k dosti hum ant tak nibhayenge.. 

Dosti hmari kb tk rhegi kayam,

is sawal mein kuch dam nahi..

Parkhna chaho toh kbhi b parkh lena hmein,

Manjdar mein jo chhod de aise dost hum nahi..

Do drop in your comments here. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's Birthday Time!!

Hi All!!
While enjoying a nice fireworks show at Golden Temple on TV screen, I take an opportunity to wish you on the Prakash Gurpurab (Auspicious Day of the Birth of the Guru) of our first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I have been enjoying this day resting at home as I have been fighting with the cold-causing virus/bacteria these days.

And yeah, it was birthday time for me on 29th :-) I hadn't planned anything special for the day except celebrating it with my family, being packed tightly into my daily schedule but my brother surely had his own plans for the day. However, he was successful in not giving us any clue of his visit to home from Bengaluru and well, that ended up in a big surprise to me and our whole family. :P Thanku brother. B-)

Besides that big surprise that came in the later half of the day, my day was made special through wishes of many of my friends, some expected ones and some not so expected. Here, I must confess, some of the calls were totally unexpected. :) Through my blog, I thank you all for making my day a lot more special. Here's a nice deal for all on the auspicious day of Gurpurab, those of you who missed wishing me on my b'day, you still have an extended chance to wish me. Offer open for limited period only.

Happy Gurpurab to All once again.
Sat Sri Akal.