Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Filmi Very Filmi!!

Hi Friends!!
Still coping up with the busy and tiring schedule I am going through these days, I was sitting idle currently wiating for the office to be closed as I am done with my job, so I just thought to update my blog. Well, this post might be dedicated towards the Bollywood arena as in the past week, I happened to see four of the latest releases of Hindi Movies, and well, I would say atleast one of those surely disappointed me.
'Wake Up Sid' was the first one in the series, quite a nice movie but I am not sure though whether would  like to watch it again or not :P. Ranbir & Konkana have done a good job in the movie. One of my friends liked the Ranbir's tees in the movie but well, I loved the Konkana's cake and I may use the same idea on my b'day. :)
Second one in the show was 'Main aurrr Mrs. Khanna', a movie which I had been waiting for it to release as I liked its music quite a bit and I was curious about the movie seeing its promos. It again was a nice movie with a sweet end but this time, I think I am sure I would not like to see it again as it hasn't got anything in the movie for making anybody a repeat audience, though that's strictly my opinion. I would just like to say, Kareena and Salman could have done better.
Next in the queue was 'Blue.' This movie was much talked about due to Kylie Minogue in it and a heavy budget, not ignoring the underwater stunts as they said. Talking of the music, with due regards to AR Rahman and all his fans, I believe he could have done better this time. The movie hasn't got anything much to be seen in the first half and the only better (would not say the BEST) thing in the movie was its end. No no, not that THE END banner but the ending of the story. :P
Now talking of the last one of the four, I saw 'All the Best.' Well, this movie got some comedy with my friends too as when they asked which movie I had seen and I said 'All the Best,' all of them were asking me why I was wishing them All the Best instead of answering their question. :P Coming back to the movie, the All the Best wishes worked for the movie and the flick by Golmaal director Rohit Shetty (I hope I am correct with this) has done quite nice job. Before I saw the movie, a couple of my friends too had recommended the same, and hence, some expectations were already there for the movie.
Overall, a nice filmi week for me and the ending of it was good too as I happened to see 'Fashion' on Sunday. This time, it was quite a long time, almost two months, the last time I could see that movie in full. 
Well, besides that filmi week, it was Diwali time too between that time. Though I don't like bursting crackers, to celebrate Green Diwali, this time it was slightly different. We had our Tax class on Diwali morning and after the class, we and our teacher, Rohit Sir burst crackers as Diwali shagun and it was quite a fun enjoying there and bursting crackers in the morning time. At the night, the beauty of Golden Temple lit under the beautiful lights and the huge gathering of people there who had come to witness the same was worth a watch. I had great wish to go there too but could not go though.
Bye all for now. Its time to close the office.
Take Care. God Bless All. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why do Sikhs celebrate Diwali??

Why do Sikhs celebrate Diwali?
Sikhs call Diwali as Bandi Chhor Divas. Mughal emperor Jahangir arrested the sixth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargobind Sahib, mistakenly. He was kept in Gwalior Fort.Later on realising his mistake, Jahangir repented and agreed to release Guru Sahib. The kind Guruji refused to leave the fort and demanded release of other 52 Hindu kings arrested by Jahangir, who were later released with Guruji. Guru Hargobind ji is known as Bandi Chhor because He helped the release of imprisoned ones (Bandis). After His release, Guruji returned to Amritsar
where grand celebrations were held. Harmandir Sahib was illuminated and fireworks were displayed. The day coincided with Hindu festival Diwali.

Some of the glimpses of Diwali Celebrations at the Golden Temple :

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Positive!! That's What My Blood Says to Me!!

Oh, what a tiring week it had been. However, being an exception, the busyness could not be attributed towards my office schedule. Actually, my grandmother got operated last week as she fell outside Golden Temple. After 3-4 days, she got leave from hospital and now she is at our place and I have been helping out my mom to take care of her. So, while earlier office used to keep me busy, now after the busy days at the office are gone, I got busy at home. 


And well, due to the blood requirement for the operation, I also donated blood at the blood bank last sunday. The blood was just flowing out from my body and I was still sitting idle. ;-) The doctors got me around half a kg lighter as they took approximately an equivalent amount of blood out of my body. Speaking in actual terms, 350 ml of blood was sucked from my blood vein. Got this figure from the doctor who was attending me. :)


I also just confirmed my blood group from them and well, while they tested it, I got my reason for the positive and optimistic vibrations I am often known to pass on to my friends. That's because even my blood says 'Be Positive' (B +ve). Well, that's my blood group. :D Sounds quite filmy na?


It was Prakash Gurpurab (Birth Day) of our 4th Guru, Guru Ram Das Ji - on 9th Oct. It was a big celebration at the Golden Temple and a day before, large procession of sangat in the form of Nagar Kirtan was made. The whole Golden Temple was glowing with lights and there was a spectacular fire cracker show (Aatishbaazi) too. For those who missed the celebrations, you can enjoy similar celebrations on Diwali day which comes on 17.10.2009. Diwali is also celebrated in Amritsar with great enthusiasm.


On Sunday, the gurpurab was also celebrated in our area and it was a nice and soul soothing program. I enjoyed katha and kirtan there. :) I expect the photographs of the procession that took place in our area too on Sunday to reach me sooner and would try uploading the same to share with.


For now, its time to close the office and this post.

So, bye all. Sayonara.

God Bless.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hectic September Ends!!

Hi Friends!!
   First of all, I wish to express my heartiest thanks to all who liked my presentation on Shaheed Bhagat Singh and another thanks to all who cared to shared their comments on the presentation through the mail.

Well, as you might have been noticing through my posts all this September, the month had been going pretty hectic for me. However, it gave me immense delight and satisfaction to see that while majority of my friends were busy cracking nuts to finish off their work, we had already completed our job by the sunset of 29th and were quite relaxed on the last day of the month. :-) It had been a great learning time as we were ourselves better equipped with more professional knowledge. Though we had to sacrifice our Sundays and other holidays for the office work, but at the end, I surely feel the sacrifice was worth of it. 

And for all the hard work done in the September, we were given a couple of days off from the office. I had thought to relax and rest in these two days but that remained in my thoughts only as our relatives from Sirsa made a visit to our city and stayed at our place. It was quite a fun though with the kids and meeting them. 

However, I got some time to watch a couple of new releases - Wanted & Dil Bole Hadippa. Reviewing these movies, I would recommend 'Wanted' to all the fans of Salman and if ANY fan of Ayesha Takia is going to watch movie for her, you can lookout for any other movie of hers. :P You'll not get to see much Ayesha in the movie. Coming to Dil Bole Hadippa, it was a disappointing one from Yash Raj. Really found nothing to even comment upon in the movie. ;)

Within all these days, there was Gandhi Jayanti too and United Nations have declared it as 'International Day of Non-Violence.' I surely second this noble idea as the need of the hour is to discourage any kinds of violence and propogate non-violence in the world. Friends, its the time to do Gandhigiri.

Non-Violence does make some sense, :-)