Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enriching Experience @ Punjab CA Students' Convention!!

Hi Friends,
        It is turning out to be an exciting year for me with lots of new experiences, the latest being the memorable and unforgettable experience of attending and participating in the Punjab State Convention of CA Students.  

Whilst paper presentation was something which I had never really attempted before, there was some divine force this time which motivated me to write an article for the convention and apply for the paper presentation. Further, when I came to know of the topics given, I had to choose some topic which I could be confident with, more so because it could probably be my first paper presentation and confidence with the topic I had to present, was something which was most desirable. Finally, I chose to present on 'Convergence with IFRS' as I have been studying about IFRS and recent updates on it in Indian context in the recent times. Somehow, I managed to submit my entry for paper presentation in time and bu God's grace, it got selected for the final paper presentation.

Being called for rehearsals 3 days before the final presentation, it became as a small little trip to Ludhiana for me.  In these 3 days of rehearsals, I surely learnt many new things. Also, interacting with the fellow presenters and members involved in the organising committee was an enriching experience. However, on the last day of the rehearsals, I was told to be well informed about my topic as the technical expert of the session in which my paper presentation was to be delivered, would be CA Vinod Jain Ji, Chairman, Board of Studies who was an expert in this field. Further, as it was supposed to be the first technical session, Prez of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji might be present as well, another expert on the subject. Honestly speaking, this got me a bit nervous.

On the D-Day, when I reached the venue, I could already see a pretty good number of participants there. The inauguration happened quite on time and Prez of our Institute, CA Amarjit Chopra Ji and V.C. Panjab University, Prof. R.C. Sobti were before us. Now, it was time for the inaugural speeches by the worthy guests, before our technical sessions. The speeches were surely supposed to be something worth listening, as I had earlier came across some inspiring speeches by our Prez. In fact, it was one of his speeches only which inspired me to study on IFRS. the inaugural session got more fruitful for me as I had a small meet with Amarjit Chopra Ji and I shared some time with him. 

It was now time for the start of the proceedings of convention after the inaugural session and it was the time for my paper presentation, which was 2nd in queue after a paper presentation on Role of CA in Corporate Governance. We were sharing dias with CA Vinod Jain Ji, Chairman, BOS and other dignitaries. This proud moment for some time was taken over by the nervousness of facing large audience, which however faded away slowly. My paper presentation was well received by the audience and appreciated by the experts which was highly satisfying. At the end of the technical session, Vinod Jain Ji personally met each one of us and had positive comments for all of us.

Besides all the other technical sessions by my fellow friends, one special lecture on Communication Skills by CA CJS Nanda deserves a special mention here. He really delivered a small and crispy, yet so effective speech. I hope, all those who heard it out would agree with me. 

Further, between all the technical sessions and serious stuff at the convention, there were cultural evenings at the end of each day's technical sessions, which were enjoyable to the extreme. All the performances were entertaining and helpful in leaving behind all the day's tiredness. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for me at the Convention, something new, something exciting, something inspiring, something enriching. I also got in touch with some nice people out there and I hope I can continue to be in touch with them. :)

And its time for yummy lunch now. Have a good day all. God Bless. Sayonara. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doobti Huyi Kashti!!

Hi friends,
Once again, after a very long time, I am gonna share few more lines by me, not on any happy topic though. But well, as I have been receiving suggestions, I am gonna be adding a disclaimer here that the poem is purely fictitious and no part of it is related to mine or any of my known ones life. :) Hope you like these few lines.

is dilon ki duniya mein sheeshe se dil ka koi mol nahi,
sabhi pathar dil wale kirdar huye hain..
yahaan pyar wafa sab jhoothe se lagein,
yahan toh dilon ke karobaar huye hain..
Aankhein hai sookhi chahe bheega hai mann,
humne jana hum bhi ajab fankar huye hain..
is dil ko bhi kash kisi ne dekha hota,
iske toh tukde kayi hazaar huye hain..
jisne diye the yeh gehre zakhm humko,
hum usi ke intezaar mein bekrar huye hain..
thi hmari bhi kabhi tamanna unhein apna bnane ki,
tabhi toh us kashti pe shayd swaar huye hain..
ik toofan aaya aur doob gayi voh kashti,
hum bhi doobe beech manjdar huye hain..
kya hua jo aapne wafa na ki humse,
hmari dunia k aap aaj bhi sarkar huye hain..

ik heer thi aur charcha tha ranjhe ka bhi,
aaj us ishq ko bazar mein nilaam karte hain..
aata hai naam jahan bhi wafa nibhane ka,
sabhi is anjaan diwane ko salaan karte hain..

I would surely be waiting for your comments on this one. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Experience of Bank Branch Audits!!

Hi Friends,
    Its been quite a hectic and busy month for me. However, the busyness it provided me was duly compensated by the learning experiences the time provided me with. Firstly, the financial year ending, the last one in my articleship, got me busy with quite a good number of Income Tax returns. As the month of March ended, it was time now for bank audits. I could not participate in the bank audits earlier in my articleship due to graduation exams all the three years. However, this time, I made sure, I would be making the best and optimum use of this opportunity which was also supposed to be the only one in my whole articleship period.
Bank audits got me more closer to the working of the banks. Although I had been involved in the concurrent audit of one of the main branches of our city of one of the banks, I was expecting a different experience in these statutory audits. My conception was based on the fact that concurrent audit involved detailed checking of day to day transactions of the branch and there was ample time for our judgement while the statutory audit was hit with a time constraint on this issue. Hence, I was expected to be more efficient at the work, though I myself don't tend to be any less efficient any other time as well. It was a total knowledge enriching experience for me, and yes, I also learnt the art of coping up with time constraints and yet delivering to the best of our ability. Some new things to learn and new experiences to preserve with me, I used to get myself equipped with something new each day.
After finishing the local audits, we also had to visit Katra city in the state of Jammu & Kashmir for another bank branch audit. It was supposed to be a 3-4 days trip and well, it surely turned out to be an exciting one. We had a great time at Katra doing our work in the day time and enjoying the nature's beauty in the mornings and nights. As the city of Katra also marked the starting point for pilgrimage to Shri Vaishno Devi Shrine, the visit to the same was always in our minds. Eventually, my visit to the shrine got materialised, though my colleague could not go due to some other reasons. After finishing the audit work and doing all the reports, I finally started with our yatra along with CA. Vipul Arora, the senior partner of the auditor firm in which I am undergoing my training along with his daughter. It was truly a memorable experience, as Vipul Sir had lots to share with regards to his earlier visits to his shrine and his other life experiences as well. So, I got to learn many things from him during the journey both professionally and otherwise.
So, all in all, a good experience of bank audits and an exciting n memorable journey to Katra and Vaishno Devi Shrine. That sums up these last 3 weeks. :)
I hope you enjoyed reading my lone experience with bank branch statutory audits. And if you just got bored reading the whole text, I have uploaded some pics of my official trip to Katra at both Orkut & Facebook. Do check those out. :)
Bye 4 now. Take Care. Sayonara.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Aatank Ki Kahani, AAM AADMI ki Zubani!!

Pune blasts last month pushed me to write something against terrorism, some unjustifiable acts with some innocent victims. A couple of days later, I happened to watch the movie 'A Wednesday' again and well, that further propelled my desire. Do check out the below lines, which I tried writing about what a common man, an Aam Aadmi, possibly each one of us, thinks when we come across such news. I hope you would like these lines.


Nikalta hun roz jab ghar se main,

ik darr sa dil mein jagta hai..

Roz ki bhagam bhag se alag,

ik mahaul ajab sa lagta hai..


Lagta hai saansein chal rahi hain meri,

lekin pal pal mar raha hun main..

Kahin ho na jaye yehi saans aakhri,

bas isi baat se darr raha hun main..


Darta hun bakery mein khane se main,

ho sakta hain chhupa ek bomb jahan..

Ab darta hun Hotel mein jane se main,

saamne aa na jaye fir ik Kasab wahan..


Darr darr k kab tak ji paunga main,

is darr se ab mujhko azaad karo..

Safal na ho paayein iraade unke,

jo kehte hain Hind barbaad karo..


Karte hain jo Mazhab ki aad mein hamle,

shayad is baat se anjaan hi hain..

Allah Ram ya Waheguru keh do,

ghayal toh hota Bhagwan hi hai..


Chahe nishane pe unke koi bhi ho,

akhir marta toh ik insaan hi hai..

Allah Ram ya Waheguru keh do,

ghayal toh hota Bhagwan hi hai..

Stop Terror, Support Peace. :)
Spread the word and don't forget to drop in your comments.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

IFRS Article in CA Students' Journal!!

Hi Friends,
     Just wished to share it with all of you that an article written by me on IFRS 1 First Time Adoption of IFRS got published in CA Students' Journal in its March 2010 issue. It was great to see my article in the journal and more great to receive nice and positive feedback on my article from the CA Members and Students fraternity.
You can check out my article by clicking the link below :
An Overview of IFRS 1 - First Time Adoption of IFRS 
I would surely be waiting for your comments on my article. :)
P.S. If you are wondering, what is IFRS, it stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. India is planning to converge into IFRS by 01.04.2011 and hence, all the entities would need to use principles of IFRS 1 in the first year of reporting under IFRS.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ik Soch Anjani Si!!

Hi Friends,
         I had been absent from my blog since a long month as my schedule kept me quite busy. However, while the busy days are expected to continue, I am back to my blogspace to share with you something which I penned down on Women's Day. I was just listening radio and some discussions out there pushed me to write some lines on the same. So, well, below are the lines portraying a gal's random thoughts regarding gender Discrimination & Female Foeticide. I hope you like these. 
Kyun fark rakhta hai samaaj yahan pe,
jab har raste pe yeh jeet paati hai..
har maidaan mein, har kshetra mein, 
kandhe se kandha yeh milaati hai..

Huyi Jhansi ki Rani thi ek yahan,
jo ladte ladte itihaas ban gayi..
Kalpana Chawla ya ho indira, 
logon ke sapno ki woh raah ban gayi..

Wohi bitiya ab bojh kyu lagti hai,
jo usse dharti pe ane ka adhikaar nai..
Maa kahe Na Aana Is Des Laado,
tera janam yaha kisiko svikar nahi..

Hai zarurat ik awaz buland karne ki,
Kab tak rahoge is sachaayi se anjan..
Keh gaye hain Guru Nanak bhi,
"So Kyo Manda Akhiye Jit Jamai Rajaan"

Ladki rahe band yaha chaardiwari mein,
usse bhi uska tum haq dilvaao..
khatam na ho jaye ladki jaat yahan pe,
Dharti ki is nanhi chhanv ko bachao..

Mile jo aisa pyar yahan pe, 
har ladki kahe yehi dua tum dijo..
Srishti ki anmol rachna hum,
Agle janam mohe bitia hi kijo..

Plz raise your voice against Female Foeticide. I hope these lines help the cause. Do reply back with your comments. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ek Kahi, Fir Bhi Ankahi Kahani!!

Hi Friends,
Last week has been quite a relief as the temperatures in the city have begun getting normal. I hope the weather gets more good in the coming days. India had its 61st Republic Day on Tuesday and I enjoyed watching the Delhi Parade with my brother (on the idiot box ofcourse :P). But yes, I surely wish to see it live one day. :)

I had written a few lines on a topic which many of the youngsters face in their life, not cherishing and caring for their love and repenting thereafter. Just tried to pen down a feeling of one such guy. I hope you would like these lines :

Ik ladki yaaro chand se bhi pyaari thi,
Dil ke hmare bhi woh bahut karib thi.
Fir se huyi aaj ik mulaqat hamari,
Par aaj woh kisi aur ka nasib thi.

Kuch pal suhane us waqt huye taza,
Jab uski jaan bhi hoti hamari murid thi.
Kadrdan uske pyar ke ban na sake hum,
Jiski zindagi shayad bin mere garib thi.

Aise pyar se jane kaise hum daud aaye,
Hum anjan the, uska pyara sa dil tod aaye.
Dil uska toota par dard mujhe hone laga,
Humein laga hum apna dil kahin chhod aaye.

Fir ehsas hua humein uske pyar ka,
Milne ka puchne pe hamare inkaar ka.
Ab matlab samajh aaya mujh naadan ko,
Hamare ruth jane pe ansuon ki bahaar ka.

Mujhe pane se behtar ho shayd uski taqdir,
Rabba ik baar mila de tu mujhse meri Heer.
Uske milne pe humko hai bas ek aarzoo,
Humein chahiye bas uski muskurati tasvir.

Aaj us bhagwan ne humein fir se mila dia,
Par usne hmari muskuraht ka jawab b na dia.
Hum pad sakte the uski ankho ki woh nami,
Jab 'khush hu main' kehke sir ko jhuka liya.

I hope you liked these lines. Do post in your comments.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life's a Race, Life's a Competition!!

A New Year and a new Decade is what we are in now and I wish all of my friends a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. It had been a great last year but not discussing it here as I guess enough of that has been discussed by me in the last post. :)

I happened to see one of the most-talked movies these days, '3 Idiots' last Sunday and well, it surely has an innovative idea which is getting the cash registers ringing for the movie. While it has many lessons for us, but a couple of these really made me go deep into my world of thoughts. In one of the scenes, Rancho (Aamir) says, "Yeh Zindagi Ek Race Hai." I further continue this statement with my questions : Is life just a competition? Are we living to survive or we are surviving to live?

Since our childhood, we are asked to top in our class. We are compared with the others and our parents say, see, that chap has got so good marks, why cant you get the same? Your classmate stood first in the university, why cant you? That boy earns a lac per mensum, have jobs dried up for you?? Seeds of this self-initiated competition are often sown in us since our childhood and we remain a part of this competition whole of our life, no matter where we have reached or what we have achieved. Such competition often sows seeds of jealousy and hatredness among each other. No matter what our own ability or talent is, what matters the most is how was the performance of the our so-called competitors and if that was not better than us, we have performed great. The rising expectations and growing competition (more often than not, an unhealthy one these days) has often been quite a big factor in the rising number of suicides by the students as they are not able to handle the pressure and live upto the expectations of their parents, relatives or society. No wonder, we get many news of suicides after Board exams results are announced. Even the character 'Joy' in the movie was a perfect example of such lapse who succumbed under the unacceptance of his talent even though he was on his way of making an incredible invention.

It is said success is a relative term. It really becomes relative when there is a comparison with others. I see so many students who have secured even 90+ marks in their respective examinations but they are not happy, they are not delighted for such a score. The reason, they got a mark less than their competitor in these exams. On the other hand, students with maybe 60+ are enjoying their result more than these 90+ students. I have witnessed several such cases and I believe that you all will agree with me too. One experience of this kind also happened with me around 2 years back. We were undergoing our computer training and we had a test one day. I got lesser marks,probably just suffiecient enough, the prime reason coz I was a bit unwell in those few days and another of my friends, who had 10 marks more than me was on cloud nine that day and was heard saying that my mother would be more than happy today as I have left Simar behind. I was quite surprised to hear this as even his marks could not be said good enough to substantiate his joy but leaving me behind was a success for him.

Why go any far, the real example lies with each of us too. We become a part of many social networking sites like Orkut, facebook and believe that we can write and whatever we wish to but the fact remains that we want more people to read what we are doing, we want more comments on our photos and our status. One day, we also start writing a blog which is said to be a mirror of our feelings and we say we will be freely expressing ourselves but one thing back in our mind says, will this post be liked by my readers, will I get interesting comments. So, knowingly or unknowingly, we be an athlete taking part in this competition.

All of us are engulfed in this useless rat race. But my question still remains unanswered - is this competition the real purpose of life? I don't intend to express that there shouldn't be any competition in our life but it should be a healthy one and in fact its more better when life is a continuing competition with ourselves only and not with others. The movie sparked off an idea for this post, so just ending it with one of its dialogue, "Kaabil Bano Kaabil, kamyaabi jhakk maarke tumhare peeche aayegi." (Strive for knoweldge & excellence and the success is bound to follow you).

And reiterating what I said above, one thing back in our mind says, 'whether this post will be liked by my readers?', so do post your comments. ;)