Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Day when we Re-United!!

We realize the importance of the school life, generally only after we have passed out of that phase. It is the time when we generally do lots of stupid stuff and still have no regrets about it.

It has now been 8 years since we left that phase and entered the college life. We school friends were not that much in touch for almost 4-5 years and then thanks to Facebook and Facebook, we were back in touch. Finally, we thought to plan a day to School at a time when 20+ friends were back in Amritsar, while generally they were dispersed in different cities. So, after lots of WhatApp group chat, we got our plans right and finalized a day. We were so very excited about meeting the old friends and also meeting our guides/ teachers. And the day arrived but the weather God was not with us that day. It was raining like there was no tomorrow. Still, we decided to go ahead with our plan since the next time we would be together, it would be another year. One of my friends picked me up from home and it was lots of chit-chaat still being in car and enjoying the weather outside.

When we reached School, the friends gang was already waiting for us at the gates to enter together. As we were entering the lane, a nostalgic feeling started getting over me. We were all just talking about how much we wanted to get out of these lanes each day in school and now we were so excited to enter those lanes. The rain had got transformed into a drizzle now.

As we entered into the School, since it was still some time for the final bell of the school to ring, we thought it better to first meet our teachers and then hang out in the empty classrooms and remember those lovely days. It was a great experience when few teachers still recognized us, few could recognize with little hints and the rest of which who could not recognize were the ones who joined the school later than we left. We also noticed that the school had recognized our contributions and there were life-size photos of each batch since we had left. It felt great seeing that picture. We felt quite proud within ourselves when a couple of our teachers introduced us to the ongoing class as the ‘honhaar bache’ who are now settled into their lives.

But the real time for us began when we lived that life again after the school time had got over, as the classrooms were all for us now. We sat on the wooden benches, chatted about how our lives have changed, used the blackboards to write our heart out and lot many other things. And yes, not to forget the times we used to really desire all the days during school, the sports period, we relived that as well. We played basketball, volleyball amidst the drizzle and it was great fun. The day brought back so many loving memories for me and I really wish we do have another re-union at School. Leaving you with a couple of pictures of the day for you.

Sitting on Wooden Benches was Fun!

A Groupie with Teachers

Sprawling Sports Ground in a Lovely Rainy Weather

Yaar Anmulle - Re-United Friends
That day definitely made me more closer to the glorious days of my life, my school life. But not forgetting about the past time, we should always look up to our high ambitions and make our guides and teachers more proud of us.

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