Sunday, November 16, 2014

Honda is Simply Amaze-ing

Starting its journey on 15th September 2014, Honda's 'Longest Drive through Amazing India' in Honda Amaze, entered the Guinness World Records, registering the longest journey by a car in a single country. The campaign was initiated to celebrate the success of Honda Amaze in the country which reached 1,00,000 units sales milestone which was the fastest in the history of Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL). The car covered a total of 23,823 kms through mountainous terrains, coastlines, flag highways, congested city roads and the interior of India in the 55-day journey crossing over 400 towns. The drive transversed through mountainous terrains, coastlines, flat highways, congested city roads and the interiors of India showcasing the durability and reliability of Honda Amaze through ‘Amazing India’.  

I got an invite for the Guinness World Record Presentation ceremony which was to be held at The Grand in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on 9th November, 2014. Being a Sunday, it was easy for me to decide if I will attend the event or not. However, besides the event being a presentation ceremony, I had no clue on what surprises it had for me.

I had reached the hotel well within the time and I was quite happy to see some known faces there. As we spent a bit of time there, we were told that the renowned author, Chetan Bhagat, was also turning up for the event. This got us more surprised and excited. While we were waiting for the event to start, we also collected more information about the Guinness World Record for which we were there.

The World Record Holders with the Certificate
Bunny Punia and Shantonil Nag, in association with Honda Cars India Ltd., had got a Guinness World Record into their names for covering the longest journey by car in a single country. The team working behind the scenes was as below:
·       Rajender Singh Negi - for capturing exciting visuals.
·       Deepak Dhojia - for editing and making live videos.
·       Kanika Sood - for being the multitasker in the exciting journey.
·       The Gaadi Web Pvt Ltd team (including Abhishek Chaliha, Shivank Bhatt, Jeo George, Siddharth Motu, and Kanupriya Bhatnagar) - for handling all the other tasks.
  (Info on behind the scenes team courtesy: Rahul Prabhakar)

We got an intimation from the Honda team that the event was about to start. We moved towards the hall to occupy our seats and just then, we noticed Chetan Bhagat entering the scene. We, the Blogger Gang, quickly stole an opportunity to have a Selfie with Chetan.

Selfie with Chetan and Blogger Gang
Video : Bunny's Jourrney through Visuals, Image : Bunny Narrating His Record-Breaking Amazing Journey 
When Bunny’s video narrating his experience over the entire journey came up on the screen, I was clearly jealous of him of having experienced India so close. Being a lover of India’s scenic beauty, Bunny’s slideshow got me utter a ‘Wow!’ each time the slideshow changed its image. Just have a look at India and its incredibly amaze-ing beauty!

Images of Incredibly Amazing India
After the award presentation ceremony, we, the Bloggers Gang, also had an exclusive privilege to interact with Chetan Bhagat for his association with Honda Amaze.
You don't get such an Opportunity so often!
It was surely an amazing interaction, and Chetan was quick on every question we put before him, be it related to his experiences with Honda and what he felt of the Honda Amaze-ing Drive. Chetan also shared his upcoming campaign with Honda Amaze with us.

The #AmazeLongestDrive will be followed by a series of ‘webisodes’ on 'Drive through Amazing India' to be hosted by Chetan Bhagat, who, after his search of #HalfGirlfriend will now be discovering the #AmazingIndia. In the upcoming compaign, Chetan Bhagat will travel to unexplored locations in India. No wonder, it is an interesting campaign designed by Honda, which will also surely add to the India’s Tourism Quotient and encourage road trips. What an Idea, Honda Ji! The webisodes will also be interactive with its audience in the sense that people will be asked to post stories or photos about unexplored places of Amazing India and the short-listed candidates will further get a chance to travel and explore remarkable places of India.

Chetan's First Destination, Rosary Church
Chetan then shared with us, his first destination on this interesting campaign. His first destination is going to be ‘Rosary Church’, located some 200 kms from Bangalore. The church is submerged in waters during monsoons and as the waters recede, the Church shows its holy appearance. Still an unexplored arena, the place surely seems interesting due to its exciting location and no wonder, Chetan was also excited to be able to experience the place up, close and personal. When he was showing us his first destination, we asked him on a lighter note whether he will like to stay there for the night as well. As expected, the answer was a straightaway ‘No’ given the solitary location of the place. With that note, the interaction ended and we were up from a group picture with the author.

Well, with this interaction and lovely lunch thereafter, the event was officially over, but the memories of witnessing a Guinness World Record Presentation Ceremony live and interacting with Chetan Bhagat will remain with us forever. 

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