Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An Out-of-the-Box Movie - SunSilk RealFM!!

Hello!! Sat Sri Akal. This is your host and dost for the evening, Simar. You are listening to Real FM 97.5.

Well, call it my childhood dream or the effect #SunSilkRealFM movie had upon me, I am still on RJ mode.  It’s been 3 days since I had a chance to be a part of exclusive screening of the movie hosted by Indiblogger.in, but the moments watching it are still warm enough in my heart. You surely need some good stuff to make you watch it over a T20 Indo-Pak match. Anurag Basu had a ‘Free Hit’ for us and it was sixer all the way from the curtain raisers. Basu is known for his closer-to-real-than-reel kind of movies and this movie was a no exception.
SunSilk RealFM

Micro-Review: An emotionally rich movie high on emotional quotient and music, showing us the flavors of the country and various emotions that bind the country apart from touching various social issues.

Sneak Peak to the Movie: It’s a movie about a Radio Station Owner, who seems to be in a great trouble and his staff thinks him to be a wilful defaulter for their salaries, since he has his daughter studying in London and he continuing to use Honda City to come to his office. The staff ultimately goes on a strike, just a day before Independence Day special run on the FM. One of the staff, who has his love interest in owner’s daughter, Rhea has to unwillingly join his colleagues. All this stress leads to a stroke to the owner and he is shown hospitalized. With his father in a critical condition and their radio station on the verge of shutdown, Rhea steps forwards to take a life-changing challenge to run the FM station. With such an attitude, the battle was already half won. Her friends are by her side but with no experience at their hand, it’s all extempore. And to make it more interesting, they announce to play music from all the 28 states of the country live from the station on the Independence Day. The story revolves around the quest of the girls for the content for the FM station, the challenges they face and their sheer enthusiasm which helps them overcome all the difficulties they face. And not forgetting two special characters – Ajay Desai and Joe. Ajay Desai is a Chartered Accountant who comes forward to share his PJs with the audience and develops a soft corner for Rhea. Just like the CA writing the post, this CA too had a lot more than just debit and credit in his life. While this Punjabi was also waiting for the turn of Punjab’s song, the wait finally ended with the entry of Joe. While the typical Bhangra beats were missing in the song, the song certainly touched the hearts. Based in ‘the sheher jahan poora India rehta hai’, Mumbai plays a perfect host for Rhea and Gang.

Moving ahead, let’s welcome the first caller of the day.
“Hello!! I am smiley and I am a simple curve that sets many things straight. I noticed you called me lot many times while you were watching the movie. I just want to know what made you constantly remind me. “
The movie has been edited with such a precision that it’s hard to find loose ends and you will maintain a smiling face throughout the movie. A couple of scenes, I was into tears as well, not exactly figuring out what caused me so but I suppose it was a deadly combination of smiles and tears aka khushi ke aansu which flowed with the success of the Rhea and Gang.

It’s time to welcome another caller. Hello!!
“Hi!! Sur-Taal this side. We are twins. It was a great experience being a part of a movie 28 times, while the songs of all 28 states featured in the movie.
Certainly, we enjoyed your company thoroughly and a lover of the music got more close to it with a divine thought that Music connects hearts and souls alike. Showcasing the folklore of the different states from every length and breadth of the country, there was no single moment during the songs that a beat was not played on with my hands on my thighs, which were acting as a tabla for me.

We also have our special guest in the station now – The Mango Man, aam aadmi. He plays an important role in the movie bringing out various social issues like corruption, racism etc. With the sheer simplicity contained within the dialogs, time is not far when the dialogs in the movie while raising the social issues become a talk of the town. And remember, ‘North Eastern Ladki is not a Chinki, stop racism.

And while the movie credits called the movie to an end, I was still wanting to extend the last scene and hoping to listen the song “Papa kehte hain, bada naam kregi, beti hmara aisa kaam kregi.

The movie deserves 5-stars for representing the Y-Gen in such an innovative and engaging manner, and the cast, especially Rhea deserves two 5-stars from me. J

I hope you liked today’s program. Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar ke, Fir Milenge Chalte Chalte, J
Good night. Sayonara.